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hoarsey business September 29, 2005

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I’m Hoarse…
a tribute to the fantastic evening of fun had last night. It was the first ever Random 4.5.6. event at WLC. An awesome experience in my opinion. 24 4th-6th graders running till their faces turn bright red and screaming their heads off. Funny.
I have decided that if we were to change our outreach strategy to include using 4th-6th graders as our primary connection to the community…the World would believe in Jesus in about 4 months! These kids have some guts and an overall need to invite all their friends to things!

Another great event of yesterday was the sly afternoon nap. Yes it was supposed to be a full day in the office…but after the extremely early alarm clock (6:15am) I was a gonner at 1pm. So…a trip home under the guise of lunch led to the glorious 1 hour snuggle fest with my comforter. Praise Jesus for hours like that!!!


Apples, Pies, Raspberries… September 26, 2005

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A yearly tradition is the Apple extravaganza hosted by Dani which includes a trip to the Apple Orchard and then a cooking at her house afterwards. This year was the first year children have been involved and it was glorious. Noah was dressed in his wicked witch socks hiding in the belly pouch carrier thing and managed to sleep nearly the entire time we attacked the orchard. But we quickly discovered that all of the apples were gone. At each stop of the hay ride it took a good block and a half of walking up the tree rows to find any apples But the apples were found and captured.

Soups were to make up the dinner options and most of the preparations had been made but upon arrival back at the Tietjen house we found that it took all 4 of us in the kitchen to get the meal on ready by 7. And at 7 they came in droves. Isn’t God good, that friends can gather together for a good fall meal celebrating lives intertwined.

I also am convinced that Noah’s favorite song is “Rise and Shine and give God the glory glory” we had a bonding moment while he was starving and Dani was running around. 🙂


A beautiful day September 20, 2005

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What a beautiful day! Who would have thought that in mid September in Minnesota we would be experiencing 83 degree weather. An Indian Summer day…beginning a brief heat wave. Fall is such a great season, but I can’t quite seem to get my game on when it comes to the clothing part. I wake up a bit chilly so I bust out the long sleeved shirts and pants…only to discover around 10 that I really should have picked the t-shirt and capris. Oye…what I need is a weather fairy to tell me what the weather will be like and what I should wear….or maybe I just need to get my butt out of bed and watch the news. Man, I pine for the days when my mom told me the weather as she shouted up the stairs to get out of bed!


Jo Jo Jo Joseph…. September 14, 2005

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I love it. I love theater…I love going out. Tonight I went to see Joseph and may I say that Andrew Lloyd Weber is one creatively strange man. I can’t imagine what he was doing when he got the urge to cast pharaoh in an Elvisian light and incorporate all genres of music in one psychedelic show….but it sure was entertaining.


All Clean and full of adventure September 8, 2005

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Two things…

the Baptism…
Noah, the little man that will change the world was baptized Wednesday night at Concordia. Can I just say that I love my friends. Dani and Paul were beautiful as always, and I had a great time pal-ing around with Rachel.

the adventure…
But it was after the baptism that the real insanity began. Rachel who is staying with me followed me home after the washing festivities at the chapel and while I was talking to my dad on the cell, gathering my stuff, and getting out of the car while facially apologizing to Rachel, I managed to lock my keys in my car. Being the smart cookie I am I don’t have a spare key hidden on my car but I have a spare apartment key in the safe keeping of Laura. So a quick phone call to Laura and we’re off to drive back into St. Paul. After retrieving the key after a small hiatus catching up with Laura (around 10:40pm) Rachel and I realize we are famished from our fantastic evening of spiritual hygiene and key hunting. Over a scrumptious meal of French toast and sandwiches Rachel realizes she has lost one of her earrings. To head back to Concordia or not to head back…Well it is only about 11:45 so we decide to make the trek into town for the 3rd time this evening. A quick phone call to my buddies in uniform and security has let us into the chapel to begin our sweep of the premises. A brief scare with the largest bug on earth is about all we found but to make the trip worthwhile Kat happened to walk by with 3 very drunk young men. One of which felt it was his calling to climb up onto the chapel overhang while the others exercised their drunken verbal abilities. Much laughter later Rach and I find ourselves back in the car for the last time of the evening…an adventure of sorts…Oh Rach I already miss you!


Welcome to Earth Noah Robert September 3, 2005

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Today Noah Robert Tietjen graced Earth with his presence. A cute child if I can say so myself. Along with Noah comes the joyous arrival of the Tietjen’s family and friends. One friend I am so excited to see is Rachel. She’s coming!!! and SOOOOOON. Do you know those people who make you a “funner” person because you’re with them. That’s Rach…and she’s coming!


Happy Birthday Inga September 1, 2005

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Enjoy it my friend! I love you