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Dopey October 29, 2005

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I thought since I had pleaded with you all for costume ideas, I would share what I finally chose…
Dopey, I know I coped out for ease instead of challenge…but what can you do. Dopey hat, big green coat, and brown shoes…SIMPLE
I had Random 4.5.6. last night which was fun but a little more challenging than last time: we had 3 boys who were incredibly rambunctious and I was the lone adult (scary)…as a result of their craziness I had 2 girls injured. One lost a tooth in a head on collision and then twisted her wrist and elbow as she hit the ground. The other experienced a EFBAB (extremely fast ball at belly) and took herself out of the game for a good 20 minutes of crying and belly holding.
The best part of the night though was when we’re singing “Every move I make” (not the greatest guitar playing in the world….but man these kids were BELTING, I love it!) and when it gets to the part “Oh, My God, this love, how can it be” ALL the boys crack up and start rolling on the ground in the most contagious gigglefests ever. Aparently one of them said “Oh my God” instead of “Oh (breath) My God”…which then made another one gasp resulting in nearly choking while singing…then he snorted which set the rest of them off. We had to stop singing, have a good laugh ourselves, and then regained focus…but I have to say one of my favorite sounds is 10 5th and 6th grade boys giggling like girls!


I’m gonna miss ’em October 28, 2005

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I have really enjoyed staying with the Schubbe girls this week. I enjoy that I a have a ligitimate reason to be complaining about being tired in the morning. I love that they hold me accountable to get out of the office at an afternoon time not a night time! I love being the “adult” in the car as Lindsey is learning to drive (this week was a week of firsts…first time she drove 55 miles per hour, first time she drove to church in rush hour, first time she put gas in the car) it has been awesome! She is a good driver, just very cautious. I have enjoyed the afternoon chats with Ellen, my this girl can make you laugh. I loved having them to watch Gilmore Girls with (we missed you Brenda)…it is amazing how much more fun TV watching is when you are doing with people who are as involved with the characters as you are! 🙂 Because of my time with these girls I ate food at normal times, I woke up at normal times, I tended to head towards my bed at a decent hour, I maintained a clean house for a week (a record in my world…). I am going to miss having the company, I am going to miss the responsibility, I am going to miss them…they’re HILARIOUS.

Yesterday Ellen saved us…when I locked my keys in the car, check out the pictures:


No REALLY October 27, 2005

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I need your help!
What should I be for Halloween????
Literary characters…EASY…
Please, ANYONE!!! Post ideas…you don’t even have to tell me who you are…you can post anonymously.


Jobs, 1st wives, and Book characters October 25, 2005

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I love my job! So in staff we’re reading Malachi (I know we love this book) and we’re in chapter 3 (I suggest you read it, it is an interesting Biblical chapter…people peel skin and eat it…prophets are told off…a fun read!) But an interesting conversation came up…Paid church workers is that like these prophets and preachers who were making money from their prophecies and messages…
We boiled it down to “it’s a heart issue” are we in it for the money or the deeper root of our job. A good reflection for Tuesday staff…
So here is why I love my job today…I met and spoke with people who were willing to share their hearts’ desires and dreams in an open and amazingly transparent way. I met with a fringe student who shared with me his excitement over serving the community and connecting with a budding ministry here. I was able to have lunch with a gal who has a heart for sharing Christ with all she meets…and is going to serve the church in a full time capacity for free. I am able to do the stupid blah detail work so that members of the church can serve in powerfully meaningful ways. Today I was able to take time to check in and encourage others who are serving the Lord here and not feel guilty about needing to run someplace else…I love having the freedom to listen to people.
I do still struggle with the fact that they pay me for this…and I still desire to work at Borders talking with people in a non-churchworker fashion…but you know…for this season I love being able to devote all my time to this community and these people without worrying about how I would pay my doctor’s bills and my apartment cost while trying to taking time off to run ministries…God is good.
A question about The Lion the witch and the wardrobe”… in one of the chapters it talks about Lilith, Adam’s first wife…any ideas what C.S. Lewis is talking about???? I know big jump from the previous topic but it came up in my small group and I am still clueless…I haven’t had time to google it this week.
And I have a big favor to ask…
WHO SHOULD I BE FOR THE TIETJEN/ROWDEN HALLOWEEN PARTY? The theme is Literary characters this year… I need a fabulously fantastic costume that is SUPER easy. I have had a few suggestions…but none have quite struck my fancy…Linus, Lucy, Amelia Bedillia(no idea how to spell her name), dopey…none seem quite right. HELP!


SUPERMOM! October 24, 2005

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Ummm. Not really.
So this week I am watching Lindsey (10th grade) and Ellen (7th grade) Schubbe from church. It is fun…they are the most FLEXIBLE teenagers I have ever met. Our first full day was yesterday. Church, I forget as I am talking after Genesis that I have 2 youngins waiting for me! They waited for me in the hallway for an HOUR…oooops. BAD LINDSEY. And what do families do on Sundays? We had all afternoon and Lindsey had homework…so I read and took a nap…Ellen played on the computer and watched television. But by 4 I was going CRAZY. What do I usually do on Sundays??? Work…clean…sleep…shop…hang with friends. So…off to the Scrapbook store with Ellen. They think I am CRAZY. Which I admit I am. I bought all the stuff for my Christmas cards…they’re gonna be great!

Then dinner. “what do y’all want” I ask thinking they will be full of ideas and favorite dish ideas, but NO, they say “I don’t care, whatever”…so Mac and Cheese it was! Aren’t I creative???

I have to say the hardest part of this week is going to be the mornings…the girls have to be at school by 7:30 and Lindsey is currently learning to drive…so we have to leave between 7:00 and 7:10. OYE.

But have no fear, I am really enjoying this! I went to bed last night at 10:30pm after I did dishes, made a bunch of cards, read the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe…and did my BSF study.

I think I really could be a supermom!


My first day alone… October 22, 2005

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It has been interesting…now that the ‘rents have returned to the grand land of tejas, I am here alone…but the rules of post-operation have not changed quite yet. I am not supposed to lift, push, or pull more than 15 pounds for a week to a week and a half…
my computer and purse combined weigh 15 lbs…
3 bags of groceries weigh 15lbs…
my suitcase I’m taking to go over to the Schubbe’s is at least 25 lbs…not including the shoe bag…hair bag…and bag with Bible, Journal, reading material, etc
when vaccumming I can’t move the sofa…
there are times when my trash weighs 15 lbs.

But alas…I think I’d better follow the rules because this morning I failed to take my two wonderful Tylenol pills and I was a wee bit sore…my abdominal muscles are aching from something I did yesterday or this morning. I returned home after a 6 hour stint of chair sitting and stair climbing at church to take a little nap (all the naps this week have lasted no longer than an hour…) I dozed off around 2 and was awoken at 5:45 by Nancy Schubbe calling to ask where I was ( I was supposed to be there by 5pm…OOOOPS) 3 hours and 45 minutes…Sheesh. That is a crazy afternoon nap. I think my body is still healing.

I have also decided that it is time to begin the roommate search.
so here’s what I would like:
20 something female…
can’t have too much furniture (not a real big apartment)…
enjoys game playing…
doesn’t mind a little mess here and there…
willing to eat dinner with me a few nights a week…
Hilarious is always a nice perk…
someone who enjoys watching Gilmore girls, sex and the city, and a little Ellen in the morning.

well that is a start.


ummm EARLY October 21, 2005

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So, This morning I took my parents to the airport for a sad, sad departure. I know I am supposed to act like a grown up…but it never fails that tears are shed on the return trip home after hugs are had at the airport. The ritual is as follows: my dad will hug me quickly and start reminding me of car things I should pick up and check…all as a front to hide the tears he has coming on…then mom will hug me and say “It’s been fun, I love you and be safe” which puts me over the top causing me to say things like “I hope the line inside isn’t too long…I’d better run” all in hopes that I can make it to the car before the first tear falls down my cheek.
Today wasn’t much different than usual except it was at 4:45am. Yowza…Early.

I though I would put up some pictures of our adventures this week. It was a great time spent with the folks. We went to Red Wing on Tuesday to see the beautiful colors and do a little shopping (really, I was going crazy in the apartment and mom and I needed to do something)…here is a little taste of the beautiful fall leaves…
We had lunch with Dani and Noah at one of my favorite eateries…Pei Wei. It looks like Noah was enjoying the time with mom and dad!

Other enjoyable outings included: getting new brakes on my car…finding the greatest mattress pad ever for my VERY HARD bed…numerous walks around the block…and cooking dinner to say a big rousing thank you to the Symmanks (Joel and Luke especially) for all their help during last week’s moments of illness and insanity. I still can’t believe he came over and brought me medicine and crackers at 9am…sheesh…I work with awesome people.

So here I sit at the early hour of 6:30 in my office for the first time this week…I suppose I should get busy…Thanks for all the prayers. God is so good…I am recovering quickly and have experienced little to no pain…Praise the Lord for Tylenol! Oh and someday when I have abs of steel…I’ll post a picture of my cool scars!