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snow central November 29, 2005

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I love it. It’s beautiful outside…snow everywhere.
Last night I decided to get with the show and deck the apartment for Christmas. While it seems that 2 boxes of Christmas decorations would be gobs too much for my humble abode…the overall change is far from my desired effect. I picked up a box of 3 little pre-lighted trees at michael’s yesterday and my abundance of ornaments simply make these trees look more wimpy than they did before. I sort of feel like Charlie in the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. I’d love to walk in to the apartment and feel a sense of “yes, it is almost Christmas” but the reality is my apartment will never look like my parent’s living room with the traditional Burken Christmas knick knacks. So…I’m devising a plan to transform my 3rd floor apartment into a Lindsey Christmas Wonderland. I’ll post pictures when it happens!


frustration… November 28, 2005

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That’s what I have to say on that topic.
I could go on for ages…but I don’t know who reads this. 🙂


People related to me=FANTASTIC! November 27, 2005

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Listening to the David Baldacci book “Total Control” on the way down and back from Iowa proved to make the drive quick and quite exciting…i was leaning forward, cheering the good guys on, crying out for the victims, and booing the villians with as much charisma as if I were in a melodrama surrounded by other theater patrons instead of sitting alone in my car hurling forward down the highway at the rapid pace of 75ish miles an hour. (be afraid of any lone people looking like they are intensely listening to books on tape with overactive imaginations…not sure that they are really paying attention to the road!)

The family time was good…It was the first time we had all gathered for Thanksgiving since 1993 and it was great. A few thoughts: Crystal Lake is one of my favorite places. Aunt Sandy makes a killer Thanksgiving meal. Chloe, Caleb, and Eli are three of the cutest little people ever. Bowling with the cousins was the most hilarious activity of the weekend. We’ll have to throw a party when Maggie can make it through a family vacation without throwing up. The first ever McConnell reunion was an interesting time of discovering exactly what I might turn out like in a few years! I love Soduku puzzles. and finally…I really enjoy hanging out with my family. If my cousins weren’t all married or still in high school….I’d set my friends up with them becuase they are just so much fun!


6:03 November 23, 2005

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is the time I was when I woke up even though I was supposed to be at church at 6am. This is day #2 of sleeping right through my alarm…(I mean it was beeping for an hour and 3 mintues.) NOT COOL.

But serving breakfast at the salvation army was really fun. We served about 450 people which was amazing. We served a full Thanksgiving meal with cranberries and pie for breakfast. Seems a bit strange…but they enjoyed it.

Then chapel day #2… can I say I love this job! I really enjoyed doing chapel today. I can play a mad “This is the Day” on the guitar and we totally rocked out to “If I was a butterfly” after playign with green water blessings! There is something about singing songs of thanks to Jesus with a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds that makes you grin ear to ear.

still sleepy…but I am off to pack and drive down to Iowa for the weekend. The 1st ever McConnell Reunion! It is going to be AWESOME! Hundreds of people…good food…beer…and joyful spirits that we’re together celebrating and there isn’t a funeral!


Sleepy November 22, 2005

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All day…
day after day of late nights and early mornings put me in a funk today!
But I did chapel for the little preschoolers and that was fun…not sure they understood a thing I told them…but we did sing “If I were a butterfly” which was a bit arobic and entertaining.

I would give anything to be able to go home and take a nap right now.



fully empty…

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This is how I feel after conferences. Or at least the one one we got back from yesterday. Totally full of ideas, God, excitement, worship, friend time…while empty of energy, clarity of what comes next, and ability to talk or process it all through.

It was a good conference. I am full of new questions…
What makes the men on the Youth ministry team such Girly men?
How did Rachel become so cool?
At what point did Danielle get the Rock-star “parent” gene?
Why would someone drive 4 hours to hang for 3?
What makes worshiping with 7500 people in a room full of noise feel like such a safe place to have solitude time?
How on earth do you put on paper that your brain may or may not have exploded in the last few days. It is mad-hard trying to process this type of conference in a team setting when you are in a state of extreme overdrive.

But my heart is full
Joel, Derek and I had a good time attempting to really get to know each other. I had a blast with Rachel, celebrating the past and the reality that we don’t have to be together 24/7 to have a good connection. It was fun to wake up each morning and chat with Dani and Rachel and coo over Noah (did I tell y’all that we shared a king sized bed…poor rachel was in the middle…). I had good sessions that messed with my head a little and pushed me to think things through more than I had been doing. I was able to spend a few hours with Nick and introduce him to Rachel (which is one of my favorite things I think–introducing Rachel to the world). It was good to worship with free abandon…to be in a room so full of sound that you got to a place where you were completely alone in front of the throne…incredible.

So outcomes:
I love Junior High ministry and even more now…
I am totally excited to begin hanging with youth 1 on 2/3.
God is SO good and Omniscient–I am not sure why i worry so much
and I am convinced I have some of the best people in my life who help me be the best me!


4 hours… November 17, 2005

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I’m off…
Nashville is calling and I’m now packed (a huge bag that I hope isn’t over 50 lbs) and about to tuck myself in for a short nap before the rush of the morning.
Things I am looking forward to…
Spending a weekend with Rachel!
Playing with the boys (joel and derek)
Praising the Lord with the David Crowder Band
Catching up with Nick
Enjoying weather that isn’t below freezing
and learning all sorts of new things.

See y’all in 5!