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Wolves December 30, 2005

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Yes, I am dog sitting 2 dogs who are much more closely related to wild wolves than the little Yorkie Terrier I have been playing with for the last week. Yesterday I took Cheyenne for a walk/drag out through the neighborhood…she was pulling on the leash so hard that I decided I would jog with her to try to get her to calm down. But once I started jogging she decided it would be much more fun to DRAG me down the street. At that point I had to do all things in my power to stay upright and move my feet quick enough to not face plant on the street. After our little outing I let her chill in the backyard (she burrows into the snow and sleeps there…strange huskie behavior) after 20 minutes or so I hear a thumping sound coming up the stairs to the porch. I looked out the window to see Cheyenne hauling an antler up the stairs. AN ANTLER…not kidding. It must have been buried under the snow and she dug it out then proudly hauled it up to show me her prize. Ummm…I want to know where the deer is.


The joys of going home December 29, 2005

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A short list!
–Family (hours of teaching mom how to use her digital camera, print pictures, upload pictures, and basically use a computer and then hours talking to dad about retirement plans, savings accounts, life insurance, and all other things financial.)
–Friends…talking to people who I haven’t seen in what feels like ages, remembering the yester-years and realizing that we are growing older
–New pets ( my parents rescued a little Yorkie…who is ADORABLE!)
–Restaurants…whoever planned out the cities failed in a few ways one of which is the poor restaurant selection in the twin cities. Granted I have a few tried and true favorites…but in comparison to Texas, Minnesota is sucking it up on the Restaurant choice scale.
–70 Degree weather in December!
–Sam Moon (a glorious place where you can buy chinese imported VERY cheap earings, necklaces, purses, and hats)
–Game playing…I love going home because there are people to play games with! A new favorite: Spinner
–Sonic…I know this is pathetic. But Man do I LOVE SONIC!

But I’m back in Minnesota now…dog sitting for the Symmanks. I have a huge house all to myself and 2 huskies to protect me. Jacuzzi tub here I come!


All in a day’s work! December 19, 2005

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So I began the day with a $75 trip to Cub for a breakfast & sweets smorgasboard for the lovely Junior Highers who cheered when I told them I wasn’t doing a large group this week but that they would be spending the morning entirely in their small groups.

I got to hang out with Amelia and Sarah during Genesis…as the “time bomb” (AKA amelia) was a bit annoyed at her teeth coming in this morning.

Umm…yeah, I enjoy watching people open their presents…
I mean I adore it.
So a few posts back I expressed my joy of shopping for people…but even more than the shopping I love the opening and reaction part.

Today I had early Christmas with the Symmanks and Brenda…I got the boys hoodie sweatshirts from the thrift store. Who would have thought that $9 of cotton would create giant smiles on the faces of 2 8 year olds and 1 almost 5 year old? I think it is the big pocket on the front of them that makes hoodies so cool! and they got me a history of Nancy Drew book. I love books!

Then John Deere Christmas with Brenda, oh and a trip to Dennys…home of the 2 yummy dinners for $11.99. You can’t beat that! Oh and I got a cookbook for CASSEROLES. YUM.

I enjoy my life!


Yes that is my car under inches of snow. I guess… December 14, 2005

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Yes that is my car under inches of snow. I guess last night it snowed 3-5inches in my area…but on the windshield of my car there was at least 6 inches of snow. And it is still snowing! NUTS.

But it sure was fun driving into work today. I was slipping and sliding all over the place. I nearly found myself visiting the ditch via the ramp onto 494 from 94. You would think they would plow the highways AND the ramps…but aparently not today.

It sure is pretty though!


oooops December 12, 2005

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Yesterday, I taught the 7th and 8th grade sunday school as usual and I thought I would help drive home my point by showing a video clip from Liar, Liar. I know not the most stellar quality movie…but our lesson was on being a person of integrity and letting your yes be yes and no be no. SO I was showing the part where Jim Carrey is trying say the pen is red…but it is really blue and he can’t lie. It’s funny…the kids laughed…I knew I was supposed to turn it off around the part where the secretary comes in the office…but I didn’t watch it beforehand to make sure I knew exactly where to shut it off and BAM…she comes in the office and Jim says ” I can’t tell a G** D*** lie.” OH MY GOSH. I suck. I can’t take it back, but man…embarrassing. I wonder if there will be any phone calls or e-mails about this one.

Brenda and I went to a Women’s Gophers game on Saturday and it was great. The Gophers won and we had really good seats. Right in the middle of the Season Ticket holders section and next to many 50+ “Fast Break Club” members. Funny.

Christmas cards are made and written…a feat attained yesterday while watching the A&E Pride and Prejudice. Yes all 250 minutes. Um yeah, I love Colin Firth. Dreamy!


a post from Laquisha December 10, 2005

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While I know this isn’t ghetto Wednesday…I have reconnected with my ghetto self and am proud to say I spent the morning with my friends in North Minneapolis shopping. I helped as a personal shopper for 1000 kids in North Minneapolis this morning at the Plymouth Christian Youth Center. It was so much fun. We invited our youth to help as shoppers but noone showed…so I went alone. Which was really great. I was able to help about 20 kids during the 2 hours I was there and each kid could pick out 5 things for their family members. Most of the kids I had were 6th graders but I did have 2 6 year olds who were ADORABLE. I had to rediscover my ability to understand ebonics and pronounce truly African names…but it was worth it. My favorite kid from the morning was Aloquitanti who was shopping for 2 older brothers (17 and 18) his sister (16) who was expecting a baby, and his grandma and grandpa. We were walking down the row of gifts and he points to a stuffed lion cell phone cover and says “shit, what do they give kids these days, who wants a stuffed lion for a cell phone cover, and what kid has a cell phone?” I about died laughing. It is a bit disturbing that this 8 year old was swearing…but really…who does give a little kid a cell phone cover and what adult buys a lion cover for their cell phone? He proceeded to pick out mittens and gloves for all of his family members and we snuck a baby bundle for the new baby on the way…apparently he and his family weren’t quite used to the cold yet and as an 8 year old…he thought he could warm everyone up a little.


I want to copy Rachel December 9, 2005

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7:45AM I woke up after a short 6 hours of sleep
8:30AM I finished my BSF study that I hadn’t done yet. OOPS….
9:15AM BSF
11:30 AM Lunch with the Woodbury Youth Network to talk NARNIA!
12:45 Practice piano for mom’s christmas present…Joel joins in on guitar
1:30PM Youth Ministry Staff meeting…UMMM didn’t get much done & LONG
4:00PM Frantically call people to tell them we’re out of tickets for Narnia
4:30PM Take a group of Junior Highers down town to serve dinner at Loaves and Fishes
5:45PM Leave Early to head to church to write a few thank you cards and get directions
6:45PM Cookie Exchange extravaganza
9:15PM Trip to Walmart for bags to put all the cookies I got from exchanging, so I can give them to my neighbors
10:15PM Deliver bags O cookies to my neighbors

An entirely different day from Rachel…but still a good one. I like these types of days…and Rachel types of days too!