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Showers… January 30, 2006

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I love showers…


Camp…I think I love you!

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I am not of the usual camp-counselor turned DCE variety…but man, if I could go back and be a camp counselor…I think I’d do it. This weekend I went to Camp Lebanon with our Junior High and it was AWESOME. I had such a great time. Yes I know I slept in a cabin that smelled like feet, I spent hours in the cold watching broomball games, and I prayed with girls while crying and boogering all over myself in a freezing cold gazebo…but it was Awesome.

I am on camp high right now…probably due to lack of sleep and way too much caffeine,but I am amazed at what God did this weekend. He is Good!


Another small note.. January 27, 2006

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Today, I was hanging out with Pastor Ben’s son Nate for a few minutes and we were talking about money…pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters…I was being all teacher like and explaining how much things were worth. It was cool.

So then I started in on dollars and I asked in a fun teacher excited voice “do you know how many pennies are in a dollar?”

Nate shook his head having no idea…

I said “100, that’s a lot”…then I asked “do you know how many pennies are in a 5 dollar bill”

…I know he can’t multiply…I know he doesn’t understand…but I still ask…

he shakes his head again. I say animatedly “500, do you think you could carry 500 pennies?”

Nate says, “No…but God can.”

Leave it to the pastor’s kid to be preaching on pennies in the hallway to the youth minister!


A bea-utiful day

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Yeah…it was an amazingly beautiful day today. Sunny, warm, overall incredibly enjoyable. A day where I wish I had a window in my dark dungeon of an office. But alas…wishing for a magical window is futile.

BSF today was really good. We talked about how the Lord and 2 angels visited Abraham outside of his tent to tell Sarah she would have child within the year and that God was going to destroy sodom…a point was made “do you entertain or are you hospitable”…difference being are you trying to impress the people coming to visit or are you seeking to serve them. I know “Duh” something we all probably know the difference between…but man…it resonated with me.
Hospitality for me is bigger than just an ‘at home’ thing…it is my job. how am I running retreats? how am i putting together events? how am i putting together sunday school? Am I seeking to serve? food for thought.

Tomorrow is the Snow riot and the weather forcast is calling for 35 degrees and snow all weekend…how cool is that. It is also midyear retreat which means I get to see the INTERNS!!!!


Content to be able to Care… January 24, 2006

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So, one of my lovely Sunday school teachers’ husbands died last week and his funeral was today. I’m not usually a funeral goer…mostly cause I am a crier, self-conscious, and often I forget. But today I was able to make it and I am really glad I went. Pastor Dean did an awesome sermon on Philippians 4:11b-13..we all know that verse…I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength. But his big point was when we are content with ourselves we are able to then care for others. I LOVE THIS. How often am I complaining about people or stuff, worried about my thing, or focused on stuff I want to do and haven’t done…that I forget to check in and focus on those around me. Or how many of my friends are in relationships or struggling with relationships where one or both of them are still in the Content or not Content phase that the Care phase just doesn’t work yet.

It was good. I wish we put Funeral Sermons up on our website like we do Sunday morning sermons.

I wish you all could have heard it.


Babies Babies everywhere! January 23, 2006

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I have exited the land of snot…now I just have the cool, sexy, nasal post-cold voice. But I spent the day in Babyland. It was a good day. 3 beautiful babies and 3 amazing moms. I am a very lucky gal!


The Snot Bubble January 21, 2006

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So…over the last few days I have been quite snotty. Not in the mean-spirited…let me ignore you way but the “umm…pardon me while I wipe off the boogers I just sneezed on you” way. I don’t want to live here…but yes, I have now taken up residence in the snot bubble. How you know if you are one of the elite members of this Snot colony…
1. You are now on full dosages of NyQuil and DayQuil…
2. You have Kleenex on you at all times…
3. Your hands are raw from being washed everytime you sneeze, cough, or wipe your booger face off…
4. Some people think you look like a glazed donut with snot all over your face.
5. You go to bed at the earliest possible hour simply to wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat from snot drainage that has collected there.
6. You seriously wear one of those Triamenic patches on your chest like little kids…just to make it through the rest of the night.
7. In the last 48 hours you have noticed a severe lack of appetite because your stomach is so full of drained snot that you don’t need to eat anything.
8. There is serious potential each morning that you will have no saliva in your mouth and die of dehydration because you can’t breathe out of your nose and must use your mouth.
9. The neighbors have called complaining about your coughing, snoring, and nose blowing in the middle of the night.
10. You let the hot water run in the bathroom to help “break up” the sinus buildup that occurs in the morning simply to breathe again.

I hope that none of you are living here with me…but if you are…wanna come play?