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Catsitting the invisible cat February 25, 2006

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I am convinced José has magical invisibility powers becuase I have yet to see him today, but the food has been eaten and the water dish knocked over.

I have grown so used to my “not so great…but it’s mine” routine at the apartment that I don’t know what to do with myself at places where you can’t borrow someone’s wireless internet and surf all afternoon long, where you can sit on all the furniture because it isn’t covered in clothes, or where there is tons of food that is bad for you and it was bought for you but not by you ( and it looks mighty tasty). This week of catsitting may completely wear me out…not the cat really…but the being out of my element part of it. I don’t usually consider myself to be a crotchety routine-driven kind of gal…but it seems I’m proving myself wrong.


Have you ever been dribbling along and the ball hits your shoes? February 22, 2006

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I went to a junior high girls’ basketball tournament this past weekend. Strange…but full of lifes’ lessons. These girls are growing into their mean basketball selves and are still lacking the coordination, know-how, and skills to really play the game like pros. But man, it is fun to watch. I can’t tell you how often these girls were running along, dribbling the ball, and thinking they were in the clear….then bam, out of no where the ball hits their shoe and off they go chasing it down the court. Arms flailing, girls diving, and lots of shrieking…but still no one has the ball in their control.
It reminds me of my internship…working hard, clipping along, then came the day of canceling 8th grade in the lighthouse. I made a call that I felt was needed and worthwhile…but they didn’t think so…the ball hit my shoes. and Off I went chasing it. After nights of phone calls, parent meetings, notes from parents I continued to chase after that ball. My ball was success, control, and a feeling of being good at what I did. I thought I had it in my grasp up until the day I cancelled lighthouse time.

Lately I have been chatting with dear friends who are finding themselves chasing after the “ball” in their life. The momentum that was helping to push them along and encourage them has disappeared and the ball hit their shoes and now they are experiencing the chaos while they chase the ball…not knowing who will come out on top, which team will be in control, who they will have to look to for direction, or if they will pick it up again and press on. It’s painful being in the midst of chaos or feeling out of control. I ache for them while they are trying to figure all of this out–but I believe that God is bigger than our tennis shoes, bigger than our fear, and bigger than our current feelings of discouragement. It is good to know that we are playing ball on Jesus’ court where no matter what we’re still in the presence of the king and we’ll come out victorious.


To be healthy…or not to be healthy… February 20, 2006

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I will admit now that I have been bitten by the health bug in the last few days. Laura Mangan is the best health teacher on earth…and when she says she’ll pray for you to become more healthy…she’s not kidding. Amazing things have happened in the last couple of days. There is food in my refrigerator as well as my freezer (usually i survive on anything frozen and microwaveable), I am the proud taker of a multi-vitamin, I think twice aboout and often choose to decline foods with trans fats in them, and greatest thing of all…I am currently on my 3rd consecutive day of eating at least 3 fruits and 3 veggies.
This doesn’t mean I have foregone the joyous trip through the chinese buffet…but I am making strides to a healthy lifestyle. Now if i could only completely cut Diet Coke out of my daily routine…But then what kind of youth ministry person would i be if I wasn’t addicted to caffeine?


In pursuit of Prayer February 17, 2006

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So I am working on preparing my lesson on the Lord’s prayer for Sunday and I am trying to figure out the opening activity. So I thought I would do some Would your rather questions. I came across this one and wanted to know how you would answer these!
Would you rather be a great influence or be greatly influenced?
or this…
Would you rather be known as a bad kisser or someone with bad breath?

Food for thought!


Little Women February 15, 2006

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Happy Valentine’s day…a bit late. But oh well. Tonight was a very fun night out after a day of not much work! I went out to see Little Women with a couple of my Woodbury friends and it was great. It was the musical version of this wonderful literary masterpiece. The songs were classically disney-esque and the performers had some awesome voices. It was a good night. I even shed a tear when Marmie and Jo were talking about moving on after Beth had died. That was my favorite song. here is a picture of my two friends I went with…lovely Sarah and Katie. I like them lots. I was also able to introduce them to fun Puerto Rican food at La Puerta Azul. (I love that place) It was a good Valentine’s day outing!


Cavities and Caves… February 10, 2006

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I’m ashamed to say it but i have HORRIBLE teeth. I brush, i floss semi regularly (once or twice a week) but after my trip to the dentist on Monday (my first in over 2 years) I realized that I am going to be paying much of my paycheck to the lovely dentist people who will make my mouth hurt, my face look funny, and make me feel guilty for drinking pop. Why do we do this to ourselves? Oh, and I want to quit drinking pop…i said i was quitting on monday…but then i drank pop tonight at Katie’s…so that is definitely not going well!

Today the Youth staff had a day long staff meeting which was grand. We went up to Stillwater in hopes of going to the Dreamcoat Coffee house but it is closed till April. Apparently they hibernate. So we went to Grumpy Steve’s coffee house down the street. Grumpy Steve and Happy Charlie run a fun little coffee joint that is on the side of a hill and has caves in it. So our meeting was in the back part of a cave. Pretty cool. So at one point i had to use the restroom (pretty usual occurance when drinking coffee in a coffee house all day). As I pushed open the door I was struck by how COLD it was in the restroom. These people had insulated the pipes with those winter warming thingys…ummm if you are worried the pipes are going to freeze in the bathroom…HEAT THEM!


It will take a miracle February 2, 2006

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So today, over lunch I was talking with a few ladies I work with at church and we were discussing dating. All the marrieds were saying how much they were thankful they weren’t out in the dating world anymore. Then Mary starts in on how she LOVES dating…the intrigue, the getting to know people, the mystery, the wondering if they’ll call first or if you’ll call…all that jazz. I then explained that I think it will take a miracle for me to get married because I HATE all of that. I love getting to know people yes, but the “are they gonna call or not” and the “how much is too much to share, spend time together, like the other person” part of it I can’t stand. Granted this has not happened often…mostly because I am so perfect no one thinks they’re good enough (ha ha ha)…but really. Is it possible to go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow married with a husband who is already broken in?