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On the way to Malibu with Ingrid!   March 31, 2006

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On the way to Malibu with Ingrid!  Posted by Picasa


Jayme and me in Sea Port Village 

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Jayme and me in Sea Port Village Posted by Picasa


Sunset off the coast of San Diego 

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Sunset off the coast of San Diego Posted by Picasa


We have cute toes!  

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We have cute toes!  Posted by Picasa


Hollywood sign…and 7 eleven.  

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Hollywood sign…and 7 eleven.  Posted by Picasa


Sun burned and happy!

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Let’s just say…Vacation is the greatest! I had 4 wonderful days in So. Cal.
I went with Ingrid and my new friend and tour guide Seth to Mosaic on Sunday night after a trip through Beverly Hills (by the Beverly Hills Hotel where Shelly Long was filmed in Troop Beverly Hills) then on to Sunset Blvd and the Chinese theater. Mosaic was interesting…in need of a bit more Jesus but some pretty awesome things going on. I loved going to church inside the Mayan Club in LA.

Then Monday it was off to Murrietta for some Jayme time! We got pedicures then took off for San Diego and the ocean! I got to meet some of her youth from Ohio and be a part of their very first trip to the beach. They were very excited and it was pretty awesome to watch them enjoy the beach and the glorious ocean.

Tuesday I experienced a wonderful day with Ingrid at Oasis…where a lovely young lady displayed true grace as she laughed until she peed her pants. No joke. Oh…and it rained all day about 2 inches which is a lot for Southern California, I guess…they cancelled evening activities at Bethany Lutheran. it was hilarious. It was a very funny evening.

Wednesday was a beach day. I spent time walking on the beach, people watching, getting sun burned, and continually being amazed at how awesome God’s creation is. I love the Ocean!

Then today Ingrid and I drove up to Malibu. It was like returning to Hawaii. Ocean and Mountains together.

But now…I am home. Good old Minnesota. Hmmm…any way we can move the beach here?


an Ode to RACHEL March 25, 2006

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So…I am not sure how it happened, but I failed to mention the sole reason for my trip to Chicago. RACHEL. It was good to meet the people Rachel is now surrounded by, enjoy a good laugh, and worship next to her.
I love that girl!
Soon, I’ll have pictures up from our weekend.