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A fun weekend April 26, 2006

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So, I have a NEW CAR!!! I am now the proud owner of a 2002 Chevy Impala…green, cd player, and a fabulous radio that tells you what song is on the radio and who sings it. I have the smartest radio ever created!


exhaustion April 21, 2006

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It is good tired…but I am exhausted. For some reason this week has been dragging…it may have be because Easter Breakfast was on Sunday…then skating on monday…and junior high orientation on tuesday…foundations on wednesday…and elevate/msa band concert tonight. Sheesh…I am sleepy!

But this is my favorite kind of week. I love that every day this week I had people to see and places to go. It is a happy feeling.


Purple and blue feet April 19, 2006

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It has been a while since my klutziness revealed itself…But the time finally came on Sunday. I had been at church since 5: 15am preparing the Easter breakfast with the lovely Junior High youth and various adults who chose to spend the majority of the Easter morning in the kitchen making pancakes and sausages. It was a good day. I was in cute clothes with a cute apron and plain old black sandals…Nothing crazy. As I exited the church and went down the steps at my normal chipper pace I was taken by surprise as my heal slipped off the back of my shoe and there went my ankle and the rest was a slow motion embarrassing moment. You see…11 o’clock sanctuary worship had just let out…I decided to leave with EVERYONE else…So when I klutzified myself by tripping over my own shoes and then flailing to stay upright on the bottom step…EVERYONE could watch. I didn’t fall, thank the Lord…But I did roll my ankle pretty bad (and I don’t handle sharp pain well…I pretty much get really nauseous and light headed) but I could still walk on it and I only had to walk to the far end of the parking lot so off I went. I picked up my keys which had been released from my hands in the ridiculous flailing and had landed some 2 rows of parking spaces away ( good thing they didn’t hit anyone). But what is amazing to me in all of this is that no one noticed that I nearly faceplanted on the steps…There was no change in the people around me. It was like I was moving in super fast time warp speed and the people around weren’t even aware of my klutzy act or maybe I was invisible. At any rate…I made it home iced it and now two days later it is swollen and beginning to turn purple and black. Sexy I tell ya!


No Hep for me… April 13, 2006

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So I am vaccinated. Yes…no Hep A or B for me. While sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my shot I was reminded of being a kid convincing my little sister that she needed to go first to get her shots. I would tell her that going first would be the quickest way to get them over with, praying they would run out of whatever they injected into children. Then to be safe I would proceed to freak her out by telling her 1st grade urban legends about how one kid came in to get his shots and his arm hurt for weeks or about the girl who came in for a shot and the needle was as thick as a pencil and as long as a pinky finger. Usually she would be crying and begging mom to get out of the shot with in minutes. (Maggie was really good at the temper tantrums) While this may seem unusually cruel, it was simply a pathetic attempt to get out of the shot myself. If Maggie was completely freaked out I thought maybe mom would take us home shotless. But it never worked out that way. This dislike of shots didn’t fade until high school. I can still remember in 9th grade when we had to get the TB vaccination in school. The week preceeding shot day I was willing away all my stuff because there was potential this shot could kill me (I was such a drama queen). My dear friends helped me through it by simply letting me freak out and act like a fool. I am sure they all still are holding those notes as blackmail.
I am pleased to say that today…no freaking out…no wills…no pathetic attempts to wiggle my way out of it…I just walked in and got a shot. It is nice to see I am working through some of my issues.


clean… April 12, 2006

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I am not sure why this is…but I feel like a grown up when my apartment is clean. When the clutter is gone I feel mature…ready to make future plans…I am more apt to sit on my lazy boy and read a book…I like to cook when my apartment is clean. I feel domestic. Strange isn’t it. Is there a psychological connection between domesticity and cleanliness? And it doesn’t matter if my room is clean…only if the living room and kitchen are de-cluttered.

I also want to add in I love it when my legs are cleanly shaved. There is no better feeling on smooth legs than a soft pair of pajama pants or a great skirt. Again I think some of my joy that comes with the shaved legs is the reality that shaved legs mean spring… I HEART SPRING.


I took a walk around Lake Calhoun today after watc… April 11, 2006

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I took a walk around Lake Calhoun today after watching Jack and Charlie. It was an experience. Over the 3.2 miles of sidewalk I counted 57 dogs, saw a mom rollerblading while pushing a baby stroller and holding a leash all while listening to her i-pod (serious mulitasking), buff shirtless gay men holding hands and jogging (serious coordination), businessmen sitting on blankets and eating taco bell in suits, and a lady bicycling with her dog in one of those kid carriers on the back of her bike (does the dog need to wear a helmet when it is riding on a bike?) . I couldn’t help but be amazed at all the silly things us Minnesotans will do when the weather is as beautiful as it was today. Praise the Lord for beautiful 70 degree weather 🙂


Queso and friendship April 6, 2006

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Wednesdays mean cheese and Laura for me. I have grown fond of wednesdays because they mean that Laura and I will get to share a bowl of queso (or kaso as the Kansans who wrote the church cook book from Joel’s old church say) and fill each other in on the ups and downs of our weeks.

We have chosen to grace Don Pablos with our presence each Wednesday night and the servers fight to take us (not really…they are pulling straws to see who has to serve us) becuase inevitably we close up the place as the last customers still sipping water and talking.

We laugh, we cry, we share dreams, crushes, frustrations, and how God is working in our lives. I am truly blessed to have people in my life who are willing to listen and who genuinely appreciate my part in their life.

To quote Peder Eide: “God is Good—all the time” “All the time…God is good”