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Haiti–recap May 30, 2006

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We are back and safe. I haven’t gotten sick, alleluia!
Haiti was amazing. We were all greatly blessed by what we saw and experienced. Haiti has changed us.

I had the video up for a while, but it was downloaded so often that we exceeded our internet bandwith space. Thanks for your willingness to experience this with me. If you want to see the video, I can bring my computer to you!

Thanks for your prayers!


Haiti May 27, 2006

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So, I am not home yet. But I did have a couple of minutes to hop online and update y’all on life here in Haiti.

God is good. The weather hasn’t been unbearable. The people are beautiful and have so far been very kind to us. We are safe and our team is healthy.

We thank you for your continued prayers! I’ll write in a few days when I get back and put pictures up for you to enjoy!

I love you all!


I’m off! May 20, 2006

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Haiti…here we come! See ya on the flip side!


Here I sit May 18, 2006

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Hands open, in the air…
wanting for clarity and answers…
wishing I wasn’t so stupid when it comes to the things of God…
emotional over the heartache of a friend…
aching for the connection I have been made for…
burdened with the struggle to find the balance between sinner and forgiven…
excited that tomorrow is a new day…
clearly loved…


  May 15, 2006

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May memories May 11, 2006

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I was thinking the other day how many memories I have made in the month of May. I wonder what memories will form as May no longer represents the end of the school year. I imagine I’ll always get nostalgic as the lilacs bloom and the sun comes out. May represented for most years of my life the end of school– with May came emotional release, the freedom to try something new for 3 months, and the joy of successfully finishing something.

College: For 5 of the last 7 Mays my dad has travelled up to St. Paul to move all my crap into a van and take it to either storage or to Texas for lovely summer vacation. A few favorite snapshots: tiedye and decorate Luther day, Knollapalooza, realizing you don’t have finals any more and getting to simply play football outside and enjoy friends who were heading off to camp, home, or summer school for the next few months, the lovely last week of school crush and mad-hangout time before you realize that the summer is going to inevitably set in, Midnight breakfast served by the faculty, the sad lump in your throat as you put the last box of your junk in your car and smell the lovely school smell as you drop off your keys at switchboard.

High School: My senior year in May I was basking in the glories of being someone’s girlfriend and enjoying the fact that I was about to graduate from High school. I remember many trips to the park, preparing for Prom, strawberry margarita and lemonade snow cones, driving the lovely 91 LeSabre, and working at the investment place with Becky Bott.

Junior High: Yearbook staff…the glories of finally getting the books in and preparing for the signing party. May was fun! All the work of Yearbook done…just enjoying our finished product.

In elementary school I can remember May track and field days spent outside running around until you felt like you were going to puke. Having parties to celebrate the end of school and cursing those glorious snow days you got because you now had to make them up!

May is a good month!


Apples to Apples May 7, 2006

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I love this game. Each time you play the rules are different. You can laugh till you cry and learn more about how your friends think each time you play.
Personally I am a “bad apples” fan! I am always in the mood for a good laugh!