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Nerds Unite June 30, 2006

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I often will call myself a nerd, mostly because i enjoy reading, suduku, museums, the history channel, music, math, you know–nerdy stuff. But yesterday my nerdiness was affirmed and I LOVED IT! I went to my first book club gathering. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into… would I be smart enought to hold my own with these wise women who have been meeting for months or would I just look like an idiot? I am not very competitive unless I think I can come out on top. An example: I would never challenge someone to a race unless they were 3 years old. I never played sports as a child…school was my sport. I was always friends with all the smart kids and my place in the academic line up shifted throughout my school day…sometimes I’d be one of the smart ones or I’d be the lowest on the nerd totem pole. But yesterday i was pleasantly surprised to find that I was just one of the book nerds…no ranking, no competition (except for the crepes and getting a chance to talk), no judgement on whose comments were wisest…just good old fashioned discussion that was valued becuase of the person saying it and the potential for another stream of thought. It was good. I’m glad book clubs are all the rage these days. It gives me an okay place to be the nerd I am!


miles and miles June 23, 2006

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2-3 miles a week and I’ll be finished by this time next year! You are reading the blog of the newest southeast YMCA 100 mile swim club member.
Yeah. I’ve already done 3 miles…only 97 to go! Wahoooooo


One word can bring so many different images… June 9, 2006

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Dessert Bars
Edy’s Raspberry Fruit Bars
Handle Bars
Sports Bars
Prison Bars
Chirp Bars
Monkey Bars
Beauty Bars
Uneven Bars

I love bars, especially raspberry whole fruit bars!


Summer in the office June 8, 2006

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So I have summer fever…I sit in my office at work and think “man, I kinda wish I was somewhere else right now”. It is easy when it is -15 outside to work and focus…but when it is beautiful and 85…I have no attention span.
It doesn’t help that no one else is around in the basement half the time. Seriously, our lights in the hallway are on a motion sensor and today they turned off 4 times. That means that no one walked through the hallway for at least 30 minutes. Ridiculous.
But alas…even though I have the urge to play hookie from work…I was there. Singing along to Jack Johnson and taking every opportunity to distract myself from Summer Stretch, which is currently the elephant I am attempting to eat. We are now at 7 days till go time and I am short 3 drivers. ARGGGG.
I love you all, and goodnight!


Fishing June 6, 2006

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Today was a fun day with Charlie. We went fishing! We set out with a fishing pole, a tackle box, and corn. Yes, Charlie fishes with corn. I’ve never fished with corn, but man, the fish loved it. They may be dead tomorrow…but they were excited for the corn! We caught 7 fish. It was fun. Lake Harriet, barefoot, and lots o sunshine! It was a fabulous morning.


Relax anyone? June 4, 2006

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If you are a lady up for a little spa day…
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