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Mom’s coming! August 31, 2006

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My mother dearest is coming tomorrow…I figured I should post that today BEFORE I lose my teeth…since aferwards I’ll be pretty doped up. Mom and I are going to decorate the new place, watch some movies, celebrate Noah’s b-day, drive to Iowa, enjoy soft soup-like foods, and just chill.

I have realized over the last few years how much I love my mom…I love her quirkiness, her different perspectives she brings to problems, her tendency to over-analyze situations, her ability to cook anything, the way she is quick to help people out, even her self-consciousness. This may be because I am slowly becoming more like her (except for the cooking part…I still have to work on that–but I am over the top on over-analyzation!) We still have moments when we drive each other crazy…but what kid and parent relationship doesn’t have those moments…it is in those moments that we remember why God created children to become independent of our parents…to move out of the house and forge ahead. I’m not going to lie…everytime my parents leave after a visit I think twice about why I live 1000 miles away from them. But man those visits are sweet.

Ok all…the teeth are coming out in 1 hour! oye.


Oh Happy Day… August 29, 2006

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A day…after a good night’s sleep…is a bea-u-ti-ful thing. Life as I know it has been pretty sleep deprived these last 14 days. Between moving, cleaning, unpacking, camping, hanging out with friends, chil-axing at Bonfire, watching baby Noah overnight (yeah, I’m spoiled…I was able to watch him overnight on Sunday evening. we had a blast…plastic cups and plates are the 2nd best toys only to…EMPTY BOXES!), and just trying to get used to the new place. But last night…I slept wonderfully. To celebrate my good night’s sleep I woke up at 8:40 (i had to be at church by 9:10 to get up to staff on time), showered, put on a fun dress, wore the hair curly…and here I am basking in how cool it is to be running on a full tank of sleep.

In other news, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. One of these lovely little nuggets of wise-ness is causing me much pain. I am nearly ready to pull it out myself! But ahhh….i am in a small way looking forward to the bonafide excuse to have milkshakes for all meals beginning with Thursday dinner!


All moved August 27, 2006

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I am all moved! The old apartment is clean, the new apartment is laiden with boxes…life is good.

My car has fallen in love with the garage and I have fallen in love with the washing machine! I also have to say I really enjoy having a person in the house with me. Mary and I have gotten to know so much more about each other in the last 3 days…give us a month and we could tell you some stories!

Thanks to all who helped me move and to Laura for helping me arrange the lovely furniture. It is starting to feel like home!


Camper McCampersons part deux August 23, 2006

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We really enjoyed taking pictures of our time together this trip…here’s us and our tent. Thanks Schubbe family!

Here’s me attempting to squish all the air out so we could put the tent back in the bag…so that Mr. Schubbe would be proud of us and let us use the tent again in the future.

Our lovely campsite. We’re official…cause we have a clothes line! (thanks ben and lucy!)

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Camper McCampersons!!!

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So we decided a few months ago that Camping needed to become a regular part of our ‘sister’s weekend’! I have camped quite a bit through the last 25 years and Laura and Ingrid want to become mad-campers…so we set out on our adventure. We chose Wild River State Park as our first Sister’s Camping experience. Laura and I hiking by the St. Croix

Ingrid by the Campfire in her cool Camping get up!
Who says you can’t be hott while camping?

Our Nalgene’s on vacation under a tree trunk. It was cute.

ummm yeah, us goofing off in the tent before bed. Imagine this picture done about 20 different times…Ingrid gradually getting more and more irritated and Lindsey growing more and more unable smile cause her cheeks hurt so bad.

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Sister’s Weekend (part three)

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I know you’re wondering…we’re eating again? Yes, this time just dessert and drinks at Bonfire with our favorite waiter. It was good. Pianos playing crazy rap music…bachelorette parties happening all around us and good old fashioned girly fun! Posted by Picasa


Sister’s Weekend (part two) August 20, 2006

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We started our Saturday with Brunch at Louisianna cafe…yum…then went to good ole CSP for a walk down memory lane…snowball fights, cigars on the front steps, smells of the old buildings, jobs we once had, plays we were once in, rooms that we called home for a few short months…it was good.
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