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Good Morning to You… September 20, 2006

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Some background information:
I live in Mary’s basement…that’s right, I am a cave dweller for the time being. One of the many redeeming qualities of this underground home is that there are two windows. These windows happen to be underneath Mary’s deck, but they do allow for some natural light. Since I moved in I have had a small fear that someone would think it’d be funny to come around underneath the deck and tap on one of these windows to scare me…then run away laughing hysterically as they have now seen me pee my pants.

Last night Mary unpacked all of her fall decorations and found a special decoration used to bring a momentary pause to her dear friends’ hearts. Last night when I arrived home I shouted a “hold on a minute I need to run downstairs” to my waiting housemate (we were going to experiment with Chocolatinis) and ran to change clothes, put down my junk, and hit the little girls room. I walked around the corner to the bathroom and noticed something on the floor…I thought to myself…”self, did you leave any clothes in the bathroom this morning? (you see that happens sometimes)” After a couple of seconds I was pretty sure that I hadn’t and upon closer look I saw this was not clothing I was looking at but a FOOT. My quick and savvy brain registered nearly immediately that there was no possible way a whole person could fit behind my little bathroom door…so it didn’t really scare me…just made my heart stop beating for a second or two.

Now the story… (I know…long)
This morning I set my alarm for 8:15 hoping to get up to work by 9….for a long Wednesday, but being the good sleeper that I am I changed the alarm and laid back down till 9:15. Around 9am I was startled out of sleep by a strange tapping sound. Looking at the clock I thought maybe Mary was out and about and locked herself out of our house, but when I went up to the window I didn’t see anyone…so I started to get ready. I was about mid-pants when I heard the tapping again. I hid in my closet, all the while wondering if this is another of Mary’s silly attempts to freak me out…well it was working. When I was fully clothed I came out to investigate. I didn’t see anybody around my window and began to think I was just hearing things. So I went to grab some breakfast and get ready for work. Then I heard it again but it was coming from the other room’s window…so I walked stealthly through my living room…not turning on the light (remember I live in the cave…it is always dark) and peer sneakily around the corner into the room…and I saw it. A GOOSE was knocking on my window with his beak. Creapy


Fun Fall Day 06

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Happy Apple day.
I know you have been waiting for the lovely photos…Hope you enjoy!


Beautiful Laura and mommy Mangan…fabulous fun fa…

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Beautiful Laura and mommy Mangan…fabulous fun fallers!  Posted by Picasa


It wouldn’t be fun fall day without a fun Dani and…

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It wouldn’t be fun fall day without a fun Dani and Lindsey picture.  Posted by Picasa


Have you ever been this happy?  

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Have you ever been this happy?  Posted by Picasa


Proof. Noah LOVES raspberries 

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Proof. Noah LOVES raspberries Posted by Picasa


Noah ATTACKED the raspberries and they wanted to g…

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Noah ATTACKED the raspberries and they wanted to get revenge…yummmmmmm Posted by Picasa