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home sweet home October 31, 2006

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It was a long weekend…one of those weekends when you aren’t able to remember what day it is. But I enjoyed the family time and the celebration of James McConnell’s life.
I’m home now.

and I wanted to share this entertaining bit of funeral history with you. Be sure to check out the
fantasy coffins online exhibit.


free at last October 26, 2006

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Grandpa died today…
I am headed off to Iowa to celebrate his reunion with Christ. It is strange, but I’m not really sad when I think about Grandpa, but what gets me is when I think about my mom losing her dad. Just thinking about losing my parents makes me cry. I was teaching the last class of “Made in God’s Image”, an all girls class in Foundations, last night and I started to tear up as I thanked the parents for coming. It has become a tradition that the parents come for the last 30 minutes of the last class to tell their daughters all the things they are thankful for, give them a little gift, and pray for them. It is a really special moment. Parents cry, daughters cry, some families are intensely uncomfortable as they are praying outloud for their child…but it is worth the discomfort. Family is one of the most amazing gifts God gives us…good, bad, and the ugly. They can model who God is like for young children raising them up in faith, or they may simply provide an opportunity for God to remind us that all humans fail…but He is the Perfect Father who loves us always.
I was reminded that I don’t tell my parents often enough how much I love them…and why.
My dad is a giant of a man, his 6 foot plus some inches stature are simply a physical clue to his strength as a man of God. He uses his leadership abilities to teach, guide, and support the body of Christ, he works hard, has a servant heart in all that he does. He’s the kind of guy you have to have projects for when he visits because he likes to be doing something useful with his time, he is a good communicator. For years he was the bridge between the Lindsey Island and the Mom Island–always working to help us understand each other. He loves to help people discover truth and find ways to live in it. He’s willing to show emotion and okay with us girls showing ours.
My mom is a faithfilled woman of God. She has modeled for me the importance of prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with believers. She is a servant who listens with her whole heart–willing to put people ahead of tasks. She appreciates beauty in life, willing to slow down and enjoy the things of beauty God has created for her to see. She is intelligent and always wanting to learn new things, she loves reading, studying, going to museums craving the knowledge and wisdom that can be gained through using the brain God has given her. She has demonstrated selflessness for me, always putting family needs above her own…honoring God through her dedication raising up Godly children.
I love my parents and I hope that these characteristics rub off on me…Thank you Grandpa for reminding us to tell our parents how much we love them and to take the time to thank God for the things they have given us.



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I love stuff that is free.
street music
chips at mexican restaurants
random bikes that you find on the side of the road.
Yeah, today I found a bike on the sidewalk and I asked the people who lived at the house behind it if they were giving it away…and lo and behold…I now own a bike. Granted it is in serious need of some air in the tires…but I have a bike! wahooo. Now to just get a dog.

I also love when people are set free…
from guilt
from horrible living conditions
from slavery (to drugs, alchohol, forced prostitution, money, anything really)
from illness
My grandpa is going down hill fast. The hospice nurses say he could die any day now…but i am happy he’ll be set free from his decaying body. What is there to do when you are a farmer trapped in a body that can’t hear, speak, or see well. He is confined to a chair watching television he doesn’t like and can’t hear…I’m happy it is time for him to be set free and brought home.

I’m all about free-ness…it’s the state of being free…given, no charges, no cost to pay, no hoops to jump through, experiencing the opportunity to do something previously thought impossible or costly.


Austin. I think I love you… October 24, 2006

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Things I loved about this past weekend…

  • Seeing Maggie and mom…
  • Good food: Sonic, smoothie king, Freebirds, Amy’s Ice Cream, Mexican at Antonios, BBQ–RUDY’S!, & yummy seafood.
  • Hanging out at The University of Texas where Maggie goes to school…and where I became re-enchanted with the college atmosphere…so much intelligence in one place…so many brains concealed in the bodies of hippies with I-pods, bra-less–highwater wearing liberal arts professors or athletes-past, present or wannabee.
  • Terrific people watching! At the airport upon arrival I saw a little old lady (who was a classic florida retiree) in a motorized chair with 2 rolly suitcases trailing behind her. She was zipping down the people logged corridor looking behind at her luggage train and repeatedly running into other unsuspecting travelers…I longed to laugh out loud and take a picture but I was sitting next to a nun at this point and couldn’t bring myself to outwardly acknowledge the hilarity of the situation…until she said “it is amazing what you see at the airport…” we both had a good chuckle.
    Later we were driving down 35 and saw a homeless man on a bicycle with one of those kid buggies behind it–but this buggy was no ordinary one… it was a dog buggy and his dog wore a shirt and big old fancy chain necklace. The Austin homeless take it to a whole new level–they are different from our Northern homeless…when you stop to give a water or food they reply with a kind “Thank ya mam” or “God bless y’all”…it sure makes you wish you could help them more.
  • Visiting 2 National Parks with mom and Mags: the Lyndon B Johnson Ranch and the San Antonio Missions. I know, we’re nerds.
  • The amazing 65-75 degree weather. I miss sunshine.
  • Learning to make wicked cool bead necklaces with Maggie’s wizbang guidance.
  • Exploring the plethora of craft stores not available in Woodbury: Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, good old fashioned non Super-store Walmart, bead it and legendary beads…oh how I love craft stuff.
  • Eating Pralines…why can’t people in the north make pralines? I LOVE THEM.

It was a really good weekend


My trip to Austin…the photo journey

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Friday night we had a yummy meal at Antonios…our Favorite mexican restaurant from when we lived in Austin back in 1986-1989…after a shopping stint at the outlet mall. I heart outlet stores!
Us at Lyndon B Johnson’s boyhood home in Johnson City, Texas. This is part of the Lyndon B Johnson National Park.

La Mission de San Jose–(part of the other National Park we explored) –one of the San Antonio Missions. It was incredible to see these structures that have been here for hundreds of years…longer than the US has been a country. It is impressive. We mananged to drive to each of the missions except the Alamo…but they are really amazing.
After we took mom to the airport on Sunday, Maggie and I played at the Capitol for a while. Here Maggie is trying to drink out of the crazy water fountain outside the capitol building. I wonder how much this poorly functioning device cost.

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Surprises… October 20, 2006

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I am not one to say that I love surprises…I don’t like surprise car repairs…surprise road closures…surprise public appearances…

But I do love surprise gifts or cards in my apartment…surprise phone calls…surprise run ins with fabulous friends I haven’t seen in ages.

Today, while choosing a book to bring along on my trip to Austin (to see my fabulous sister) I discovered that someone who has stayed with me in the last 6 months put 2 $20 bills in one of my books. $40 may not seem like a lot to you…but it is A LOT to me. I don’t know who it was…but whoever you are you didn’t need to do that but thanks. (hopefully they read my blog).

So tomorrow I am off to the warm land of tejas where the people say mam, the weather is warm, and I get to see my sister who I haven’t seen since Christmas. 10 months…that is WAY too long.


The weekend October 17, 2006

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Brenda and I were driving down Snelling on our way to the mall of america when we happened upon a large GMC truck that was seriously in need of an exhaust system check. (it was LOUD) We were driving next to the truck a couple of cars back and I noticed a strange object in the cab with the driver. I said to Brenda “is that a gun?” to which she replied “it sure looks like one.” I’m pretty sure that Mr. GMC was packing a machine gun in the cab of his extremely loud truck.

Saturday evening was the fun “Bring your party friends” party. It was nice to catch up with friends and hang out with other 20 someones who love to have fun!