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Finally November 30, 2006

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Okay, I have never been able to re-tell a joke once I’ve heard it. I always crack up before the end or I completely mess up the punch line. I never understood why until watching Studio 60 this week. You see Harriet is one of the characters and she plays a comedian in a sketch comedy show (alot like SNL), she (like me) is unable to re-tell a joke and she spends most of this week’s episode trying to learn a joke to tell at some banquet. Near the end of the show, her current crush and tension creating co-star explains that the reason she is such a failure at re-telling jokes is that once she knows the outcome she is unable to remember or reconstruct the mechanics of the joke.

Until I saw it on television I thought I was the only person over the age of 12 who couldn’t tell a joke without completely botching it. But here’s to hoping there is still a chance for me…they created a television character to help those of us poor saps who are joke handicapped…soon we’ll form an anonymous group and have 12 steps to help us overcome our ailment…and just you wait…I’ll have you rolling in the aisles.


Leftovers November 28, 2006

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I think leftovers are a sign of love. For the past year Mondays have been set aside for dinner at they Symmanks (well most Mondays…sometimes it just doesn’t work). It is a highlight of my week. I usually get to eat meat, try new salad dressings, and always have some kind of dessert. I have grown to love and adore this family for who they are…clean, dirty, and all inbetween. I love the humor that is found around their dinner table, the reality that family takes time and compromise, the joy that comes from each person sharing something big from their day and the beauty in knowing the ups and downs of other people’s lives.

I am tremendously blessed by these 5 people and their hospitatlity and today through a simple jesture (probably not even one they thought about) I was told that I really am part of the family. They served leftovers. I grew up eating leftovers (good, bad, and interesting). I know I complained about it more than I should…but today I was filled with warm fuzzies because you don’t serve leftovers to guests that you worry about impressing–you serve leftovers to people you know will love you no matter what, you serve leftovers to people you care about, you serve leftovers to family.

I am honored to be served leftovers.


It’s Christmas in Lindsey-land! November 26, 2006

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Okay, this year as I was decorating my tree…I began to wonder…do other states have ornaments in the state’s shape with people’s names on it? (see above picture)..This was one of my school ornaments (I think) and it is a classic gift…Texas shape, kid’s name and year…but I am not sure this is normal on the broader USA scale. Don’t get me wrong…it is completely normal in Texas for things to be shaped like our state…but I haven’t seen many cookie cutters in the shape of iowa, cake pans in the shape of California, or ornaments in the shape of New York. I think us Texans may be a little strange.

This Isabel Bloom Gingerbread girl was my first Christmas present this year. Thanks mom!

A shout out to the sisters. I love you guys!

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Here’s the casa…wearing her Christmas wardrobe!

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yeah, small trees…but it sure makes me look like I have lots of ornaments!
I scrapbooked my wall. There was a hole in the wall…so I used my creative juices to solve the problem!
The view into my basement apartment from the entry level. That mistletoe hanging from the cieling is a Maggie Burken “original” design!
My apartment from the door.

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Tradition…(don’t go fiddler on the roof on me) November 22, 2006

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Once upon a time I lived in a house with 4 amazing women (really 7 other women…but 4 at the time of Thanksgiving). We being the fun-loving, holiday-celebrating gals that we were found ourselves bummed that we’d be heading off in 5 different directions for Thanksgiving…so we threw ourselves a Thanksgiving meal at the house before we all left. We each planned a piece of the meal…something that represented our favorite traditions from home…and a spectacular meal was had. But my favorite thing about this day wasn’t the wonderful food, the fact that we were all able to sit down and eat together, or that our house was clean…but the list.

You see…we decided to create a list of the things we were thankful for that year. It was awesome. It inspired us so much that we left it up till after Christmas. (much to Seth’s shagrin…since he wasn’t on it…ooops) It was a great tradition so here I go. This is our fridge list of the things we’re thankful for…go nuts, be funny, post 12 times if you want to, search deep…

I am thankful for:
brown and teal
learning to say “Hello” like Mary and being able to say it to her each day
free laundry
dinners at the Symmanks
Louisianna cafe–and all meals had there
“sisters”…by blood and tears
sermons by people who are real…and speak truth
kids…noah, amelia, hosea, eli, abigail, jack, charlie…
free plane tickets
my new car
seeing my family 6 times in one year
camping again
Haiti & the cracking of my heart
girls who finally let you into their worlds
being a part of a love group that really loves
funnel cakes
the Quad Cities
hand me down books
playing my clarinet
late night conversations when you’re supposed to be falling asleep
book club (and all things nerdy)
Camp Omega
friends who know the real me and still love me (thanks ingrid for that line)
Easter breakfast
Lindsey and Jesus at the beach day
cities 97 sampler 18
Chai tea
homemade dinners with good friends

Oh…this is just the beginning (i hope)…have fun!


Love… November 20, 2006

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Recently I have been blessed by this little boy. He’s a pistol to the normal eye, and superman to us superhero types. This picture doesn’t do the cute guy justice…(since it is over a year old)…but this little man has blessed me richly. In the past couple of weeks this superhero has given me something that I’ll forever cherish. He’s given me his trust. We don’t see each other often, but when we do it is fantastic. He speaks in Eli-eeese with incredible skill, but feels the need to continue to give me lessons so I can participate in the important conversations we have about colors, superheros, candle plates, and all other important Lindsey-Eli stuff. Kids blow me away…they are always learning new things and when they see something for the first time they show the wonder and awe that comes with it. Last week Eli and I watched the 3M orchestra perform in the sanctuary and as we watched the Basses and Cellos strut their stuff he pointed with wonder and said “thows is big gwitars” as only Eli can…then lost interest in the gwitars themselves and spent 10 minutes looking at the instrument cases…trumpets, oboes, trombones, saxophones…each case different and interesting. His little brain trying to wrap his head around a case that is 2 times the size of him…
“what’s twis one?”
“that’s a cello case”
“oh………..what’s twis one?”
“that’s a clarinet case”
“oh………’s wittle”

His superhero skill may not be sitting still, being quiet, keeping his stuff clean or organized…but his smile could melt snow people, his energy could make a puppy jealous, and his little voice could make anyone fall in love with him…

There’s something amazing about Eli…

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Sweet Home Alabama… November 7, 2006

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It was a good weekend. Weekend number 3 out of state…but a grand finale to the traveling sagas of Lindsey Marie… I went to Birmingham, AL to visit the lovely Hanson family and be united with two of my amazing friends from High School. There was a point in our young lives when we were nearly inseperable. Enjoying the same inside jokes, playing our instruments in band, studying hard for the upcoming AP exams…we were nerds but we didn’t care. We survived the boy crazy years of crushes nicknamed after cars (kevin=Kia, etc) and all the growing pains of being a teenager with parents. We asked deep questions of faith and spent many nights debating denominations. These were the girls who welcomed me into their world in Texas when I moved there and they still inspire me to be a Godly woman, embracing my nerdy side, enjoying the beautiful music in this God created world.

So this weekend I went to visit Carissa & Hosea James, Carol Burnaman, & Charissa, Jake and Abigail Hanson in Alabama where the Hanson’s live. We didn’t do anything too exciting…but we had many hours of re-bonding over crossword puzzles, good meals, speed scrabble, meal preparation, and kid chasing.

Carol, Courtney, Abigail, Jake, Charissa, Me, Chad, Rachel, Carissa, & Hosea

Carissa & Hosea

Abigail…the puppy version

Hosea the wannabee baby…really he is 17 months old

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