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The top 12 list… December 27, 2006

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From my Texas Christmas Vacation…(in no order really…)
12. Caroling with the Small Group families.
11. Surviving the Chewy adventure…He was my bed-fellow for most of the trip. While I dream of having a puppy..I would not choose one like Chewy! 10. Food. Over the week We had 2 stellar dinners out: one at the Keg (an incredible steak house with yummy seafood!) and one at Esparzas (mexican food…a must-have when in Texas). Another highlight was my progressive lunch: Strawberry Limeade from Sonic, Muchaco and Party Burrito from Taco Bueno, Steak & Shake Fries, and an orange sherbet freeze from Brahms. Really…why is all the good fast food in Texas?
9. Being crafty with Maggie and mom…we made ornaments, aprons, and even did a mass production of shower invitations.
8. Seeing Robyn, Charissa, and Abigail. We were missing Carissa and her crew…but it was fun to catch up.
7. Games. I LOVE games and we played Bunco, Mexican Train Game, and Dice. A whole afternoon of games!!!
6. Superb presents: stamps, shower curtain, scrapbook stuff, dishes, perfume, jewelry…all things I thoroughly enjoy!
5. Church at Peace. We went 3 times…and I loved every minute of it. I know so few people any more…but it is really great to visit. To hug kids I used to babysit, to talk with youth I took on mission trips who are in college, to see friends who I only get to see on christmas eve. I like Christmas being on a Monday! 🙂
4. Making Holiday treats with my family. This year we made snowmen, chocolate covered cherries, and pecan clusters (that could break your teeth off). It was a small sampling this year…but we’re all watching our waistlines expand and decided to back off on the sugar!
3. Beef Tenderloin. Never had it before…am now completely in love. see the burnt stove cover. That was our only Christmas cooking tragedy this year.

2. Looking at Christmas lights in Dallas in all the swanky neighborhoods. This was our second year to venture into the big D for Christmas lights…but we weren’t disappointed. The houses are amazing and the lights are beautiful.
1. Being with my family for Christmas yet again. I am so blessed to be in a church that is okay with me travelling home for Christmas. It is the only time this year that I made it to Texas, and I was very glad I made the trip!
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Crafty mamas December 25, 2006

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Here are our latest crafting endeavors…Maggie and i decided to make aprons for mom, patty, and our friend Rebekah. This is a Lindsey design from a Maggie concept. If I do say so myself…it turned out darn cute! I became infatuated with the beaded ornaments before leaving the great north…but decided to pass along my disease to my little sister. We made ornaments and designed fabulous presents for our girlfriends…(Carissa…sorry to spoil the surprise yours will be coming in the mail!)

Here is maggie working on mom’s apron…(yes, we are still working on it on Christmas eve…last minute lucy’s unite!)
Me helping her on Mom’s apron…in bad lighting!

Well Merry Christmas to y’all…and happy crafting!

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Christmas in Texas…

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An annual tradition of the Burken Clan is to go to Jane’s Christmas Caroling party. It is always fun to watch the little kids race to be the one to push the doorbell and watch the adults all sing rudolph the red nosed raindeer…this year was no different. These are a few of our fun photos…mom as rudolph and dad as santa…

It is also tradition for our family to take a picture up by the altar after the 10pm Christmas eve service while we fight the Bruce’s, Laniers, Schapperts, and everyone else for the perfect view in front of the Christmas tree…as you can see we lost. But there are really beautiful poinsettias behind me. But you can’t see them cause I am SO tall. Posted by Picasa


Part 2 December 22, 2006

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I’m crafty and I admit it. There is great joy in creating something new…finding the art in something ordinary…and so I decided that I would invite Ingrid and Sarah to be crafty with me. Kudos to Ingrid for making an ornament for her tree this year… Like this summer, we decided that a trip to Bonfire was a necessary event. So we all got dolled up, found our hooker heals and set out. We waited ages for Derrick’s table…but it was well worth it. Danielle and Sarah were able to enjoy the spectacular service of our favorite waiter.
Happy Birthday Sarah=free cake! 🙂

After our trip to Bonfire we headed back to Laura’s apartment where we joined the boys upstairs for some wine and Christmas carols. I have to say…these boys can sing. we even had an opportunity to bust out the red hymnal…how often does that happen? Posted by Picasa


Part 1 of Sister’s weekend (Minnesota time)

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Ingrid, Sarah, and Laura returned from their journey & memory-creating wedding in Illinois for a snappy 2 day Minnesota Sisters weekend…First things first we went to see Danielle and Noah…then it was off to the Nook for us (or Burger Barn if you are Paul T). The girls filled me in on the weekend and all the “isms” for the weekend…To our surprise Jake, Ben, and BJ came to see Inga and we were all able to catch up a bit. Most enjoyable, if I do say so…

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Happy Holidazzle…. December 16, 2006

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2 drunk guys on the light rail + fantastic holidazzley lights+ 4 friends+ the Macy’s 8th floor Mary Poppins display + wandering around Minneapolis looking for Angela’s car + dinner at Chevy’s = Christmas Extravaganza…

There was something magical about tonight that happened while we road the light rail with the 2 drunk guys, waited for the parade as our snot froze into icicles, chatted in line waiting for the Mary Poppins display, and roamed Minnepolis for Angela’s car…

Christmas is coming…school is almost out…break is almost here…I get to be with my family soon…the emotions stay the same as I grow older…Christmas is a great time of year.

Kevin, Angela, Kristina and I having completed the journey through the land of Mary Poppins…chim chimeny chim chimeny chim chim charee…in the most delightful way….

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Be there with bells on… December 11, 2006

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I attended my first ever Lorie Line concert last night and I was most definitely impressed. Mary asked me if I wanted to go a couple of months ago, and she got us 6th row tickets where I could watch in awe and wonder as the musicians played and danced across the stage. The costumes and music were fantastic and now I am REALLY in the Christmas spirit!

When I got there, ( I arrived minutes before the show began…because of the WLC Christmas concert) I saw a family from Woodbury Lutheran in the row in front of us. So if you look closely at this picture of all the kids in costume on stage you can see my Junior High friend megan in a white sweater on the left side in the middle of the shepherds. Posted by Picasa