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As promised January 31, 2007

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The crew…pre camp…annoyed at me for making them get off the bus to take a picture. I don’t care it was 40 degrees outside and beautiful. Note Piper in shortsleeves on the left and the lack of coats in this picture.

Ice…the girls were warming up on the ice. Yes, we encourage running around on ice hitting a frozen ball that easily bruises your opponents while trying to not fall down and break your head open…

I love junior high girls…at any given moment they can all have different colored tongues.

Beautiful camp Lebanon…it was FREEZING outside (praise the Lord cause we were standing on the lake) but beautiful…

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Burrrrr January 29, 2007

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Snow riot was a blast. Freezing, but amazing. God was faithful and revealed Himself to a lot of our kids this weekend and it was beautiful to watch. There is something raw about junior high camp that re-charges me for ministry. I love the energy, the transparency, the awe and wonder, the fears, the growing up, the hilarity, the memories (cleaning up puke in the cabin, crawling through the dirt in sub freezing weather, falling on ice and bragging about the bruises, sharing till we all cry, heart to heart talks in the wee hours, candle time)…junior highers at camp blow me away…


beautiful January 25, 2007

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Tonight I had a chance to sit around with 30 junior high students and talk about communication in healthy friendships. I asked them last week to write down questions they had about friendships (situations they weren’t really sure how to handle, etc) and this week I asked them to give advice to their peers. It was amazing. I know I was a little emotional last week (I cried at the gym while watching the news, listening to my tunes, ellipticalling, and reading a book on self-injury…oh and later while listening to the walk for cancer ad on the radio)…but I felt like I was wasting these kids time in my Healthy Friendships class…there aren’t enough adults to give these kids any time to share or ask questions…but tonight it was obvious that God answered my prayers. I prayed that these kids would respect each other and give genuine advice, that they would be transparent and listen to each other, and that there would be opportunities to guide them to seek Jesus in their tough friendship situations.

It was beautiful…12 situations handled by 30 junior high students and 2 adults…I don’t feel like we wasted our time this week.


Thanks Laura

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Laura posted this on her myspace…but for anyone who doesn’t myspace…here it is.

(warning…don’t eat or drink while watching this…it may end up in your nose)


tap tap tap… January 24, 2007

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what am i doing right now?
My happy dance…
why, you ask…
because, today I got my NEW COMPUTER…

it’s fast…it’s functional…you can play a cd in it…it doesn’t kick you off the internet…it doesn’t have tape on it…it is a beautiful thing!


does this mean I’m old January 23, 2007

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I woke up this morning with a slight crick in my neck…which I shrugged off as normal

after playing in the snow with Charlie and swimming at the Y, this slight crick turned into a rather obnoxious neck ache…

so tonight for the first time ever I used an “extra strength Pain Relief therapy patch” (that works on contact for cooling pain relief–says the package). I have to say I give the pain patch a thumbs up…because I can now turn my head without wanting to groan aloud…although I do smell a bit like old people…if i walked by a blind person…they would think I was 80.

Does this mean I am old?

Another beautiful part of my day was making Spongebob Squarepants Mac and Cheese with Charlie.
Lindsey: “so…who is this?”
Charlie: “that’s Spongebob, he lives in a pineapple.”
Lindsey: “oh, a real pineappple?”
Charlie: “yeah, like the fruit.”
Lindsey: “When you buy a pineapple at the store do you wonder if Spongebob lives in there?”
Charlie: (in a sweet, ‘it’s hard to break this to you’ voice) “no, Spongebob lives in a cartoon, we don’t live in a cartoon…and we eat real fruit, not cartoon fruit.”

This continued all through the making and eating of the mac and cheese. I learned about some starfish guy, and a squirrel who lives in a bubble…and how we can’t ever meet a cartoon because we aren’t in a cartoon. It was pretty amazing really, fantastic lunch conversation!


Satisfied January 22, 2007

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So…yesterday was clouded with a pretty ridiculous funk…but TODAY…was a totally different story.
Church this morning was about living life–not wishing today away…
in Powerhouse we talked about worry and how God’s plan doesn’t include worrying–He is ENOUGH for us and will provide everything we need…
then this afternoon I went to a Haiti meeting where a new team-mate shared a devotion about Psalm 58 and being the Bride of Christ–promised that He’ll heal us, declare us righteous, guard us, answer our prayers, hear our cries, destroy the darkness in us, guide us, SATISFY us and strengthen us…
after an exhausting mile long swim I headed to the Upper Room where I saw a friend I haven’t seen in ages, enjoyed a strong dose of reality and truth, and was challenged to drink from Jesus’ well to be satisfied instead of all the other wells common in the world and church culture around us–I was given the opportunity to ask myself am I being SATISFIED by the waters I’m choosing to drink? He read Psalm 23 and where it says “he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul” the speaker asked us if we had ever tried to walk with a sheep by water, to which I had to say “no”, what is amazing about this passage is a sheep that is thirsty will immediately be drawn to the water thus disrupting the quiet, but a satisfied sheep will walk by the waters not straying to quench it’s thirst–this was pretty profound to me,
Do I believe and trust that Jesus is ENOUGH to satisfy my thirst?
finally I was driving home from the Upper Room and ‘Renown’ came on the radio–a song that is intimately connected to Passion ’05 (that I experienced with my lovely sister and friend Jenny), so I was moved to call Jenny (whom I haven’t spoken with in ages) and catch up on life. This lady is an amazing woman of God–she is living life to the full all with the intent of praising and testifying about His goodness and might in everything she does, within minutes of beginning our conversation she was telling me about how God has been changing her desires and providing for her in all that she has been doing…how her worries are being diminished by God’s faithfulness and how SATISFIED she is in the place she is in.

I wonder if my dream yesterday was setting me up for today. Yesterday’s dream struck a chord deep in my soul…it threw me off balance…it was painful…it revealed my desire to love someone and be loved back…
I long for this, sometimes ache for it, and often worry about it…
the truth is I have no experience in what it feels like to love a man and have a man love me back in this sense and as a person without that experience it is easy to idealize it…romanticize it…elevate it to something larger than life.
Yesterday I was wishing today away in hopes of having a relationship that I thought could quench a thirst in my soul…but it won’t be truly satisfying because nothing satisfies except Jesus …He is ENOUGH…and I want to be His bride who is capable of walking by the waters of this world without straying…I want to be SATISFIED…

(if you want to hear the Upper Room talk…it is good…)