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Snow days… February 27, 2007

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I love snow…and so does Charlie. He had built a slide with his brother and neighborhood friends so he had to show me how it worked. It looked like so much fun…I had to go down too.

Then we built a tunnel through the snow mountain that was perfectly Charlie sized… It was pretty entertaining, I would scoop out 1-2 shovels worth of snow and he’d say “will I fit yet, will i fit yet?” so I would let him try climbing into the cave like hole and he’d say “not yet, maybe in a minute”. When I finally broke through to the other side he screamed at the top of his lungs “I see light, I see light”…I was pretty sure the vibrations from his exclamations would cause an avalanche, but thank goodness it didn’t and he spent the next few minutes making the small hole large enough for him to climb through. But, when he finally sqeezed through he popped his head out the other side and said “it’s not right”. At this point I was confused and asked “what isn’t right about it”. He said” I can’t sit up in here and there isn’t enough room for Jack (his brother)” I said, “well it is a tunnel it isn’t supposed to be big enough for you to sit in there with Jack”. He looked at me strangely and said “i thought we were making an igloo”. At this point I just laughed.

After our tunnel making we did some sledding down the front yard, testing the many different sleds that Jack and Charlie have accumulated over the years. The saucer wasn’t the fastest…but charlie liked it the best. I am partial to the flimsy board sled myself.

It was a pretty fantastic monday.

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The Upper Room February 26, 2007

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Again, I was blown away by the Upper Room last night. I know some of it is the newness, some of it is the joy that overcomes me with great music, but I think that God is clearly using this ministry to change people. The sermon isn’t up yet but hopefully in the next couple of days it will be…but Kurt unpacked the Good Samaritan in a way that made me look at a story I have read, been taught, have taught for years with new eyes. These people are creative, engaging, and incredible at what they do…most weeks there is an experience of some kind that connects with the theme/talk and the music blows me away. But, I did realize last night that I don’t like going by myself. I didn’t think I was going to be by myself…but it turned out that the folks I have started looking forward to sitting by weren’t there and I was alone…invisible…
While most days that would be a treat to be invisible at church and just worship like a normal person…yesterday, i felt very insecure and silly.

I wonder if that is how most people feel walking into a church filled with people who seem to know each other and feel at ease…it isn’t often that I am alone in a worship environment…maybe God was opening my eyes to what it is like for that person i see who sits by themselves.

Lord, may I be a person who sees people…


We leave on Friday…I can’t believe it… Today… February 25, 2007

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We leave on Friday…I can’t believe it…

Today I was sharing my Haitian experience with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders at church (there were 20 of them…due to the snow that dumped over the past couple of days–read Mary’s blog for an update on all the excitement). During my preparation for this morning’s talk I was looking through pictures and remembered all the yucky stuff about Haiti…trash, shoeless kids, the smell, the lack of vegetation, the reality that many of the kids i meet won’t live past 18, the UN tanks, the reality that we need an armed guard to keep us safe, the lack of good government and public services…all things that I wish I could change but can’t. BUT today when I was sharing with the kids I was overcome with excitement and joy about going back…there are smiles I want to see, blocks I want to move, a church I want to encourage, an orphanage I want to rock, a hospital full of babies I want to love on, a hospital full of women I want to sing with and beautify. I am looking forward to this trip for 3 reasons…God has met me in Haiti and I know He’ll meet me there again, I know that even if Haiti can’t be changed by my coming– the church can be encouraged and God is using the church to change Haiti, and the few blocks I move will help build a building that will change the lives of the neighborhood it is in.


Last minute Sisters’ weekend February 21, 2007

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Ingrid came to Minnesota…again…for the fabulous rate of $5.00!!!
A recap of our weekend…

I had to work so the girls took a little rest time after Inga arrived then ate a little Punch pizza and met up with some of Laura’s friends at Sweeny’s in St. Paul. I met up with them there (grummy, hungry, and old lady like in my dislike of going out on the town at 10pm) and we departed for Bonfire where I could be rejuvenated by some bull bites, fuzzy navels, and artichoke dip.

Sunday, Ingrid and Laura went to Mass, Sunday school at WLC, and Genesis (yes…they like church and Jesus) and then we all went to Louisianna cafe before meeting up with JT and Sarah at the Nook…

After a fun visit with Jake at the lovely nook we headed to Cahoots and Concordia for a little reminiscing…Ingrid set off alarms, we met up with people we haven’t seen in ages, and we saw the new addition to the chapel.

Then off to the Upper Room and wine with the 998 boys.

Laura had to work Monday morning so Ingrid came with me to watch Jack and Charlie…quite the treat for me to have a second set of eyes to watch these two beautiful boys…followed by a great afternoon with Dani and Paul.

Ingrid and laura squeezed in a workout at the gym and I went bowling with my meal group and some new friends of ours from a local group home before heading to Shamrocks for Dollar burgers and a fantastic evening with the 998 boys.

It all ended with a group sleepover at Laura’s where we party-ed to Sam’s myspace music and wished it wasn’t going to end.

There is something beautiful about my friends…we all travel miles to see each other…distance isn’t an obstacle…we are all free to be ourselves and love each other even in our crabby pants…I love these women and how my world has expanded because of them.


Milwaukee Joys

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Highlights from my time with the James’…

Before Picture

After picture…Carissa got her nose pierce-ed

Talking on my cell phone…Hosea’s greatest joy from the visit

I can’t believe how big he has gotten.
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Malachi and Hosea "the puppy"… Introducing…J…

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Malachi and Hosea “the puppy”…

Introducing…Josias Linus…a little boy who is very relaxed!

Me and the boys…

This weekend was splendid…I enjoyed the solitude of the drive through Wisconsin, the rest and rejuvination that came with playing with the boys and Carissa at home, the beauty of watching my friend be a fantastic mother and caregiver, the warmth of being welcomed at Malachi’s parent’s for dinner, and hilarity of experiencing a tatoo parlor like Skin Candy with Carissa. It was a lovely trip and I will be very sad when they aren’t a short 6 hours away…

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Post 213… February 14, 2007

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It is very surprising to me that i have made 213 thoughts known to the cyber universe in a year and a half. Apparently I like to hear myself talk. I do know that in the 213 blogs there have been very few, if any , blogs where I ask advice…but this will be one( oh wait I asked for help with my halloween costume once and y’all left me hanging…please don’t do that this time).

I recently bared my soul (or as Joel would say, “Got naked”) in front of our youth ministry adults about my internal struggle over my singleness as of late and the response has been very interesting. I have gotten notes of encouragement saying “my spouse and I were in our mid thirties when we met and got married”, comments about setting me up with someone, invitations to talk to their grown daughter who is struggling with the same issue (why is it that girls seem to be vocal about singleness but not guys….interesting)

But my most favorite response to my nakedness was a dear friend who told me we should go speed dating together…did i mention she is at least 30 years older than me and widowed? I love her…I love her spunk…I love her idealism–where the heck will we find a speed dating event that has guys for her and me…and how the heck would you get ME to go speed dating? Only Nathalie…

I have always had a phobia about online dating companies (while some people I know seem hell bent on E-Harmony…), speed dating, and singles groups…but I am beginning to think I am the only one who places a stigma on these types of things. I just picture myself explaining to my friends how I met this boy I’m dating and I am embarrassed to say “e-harmony” or “speed dating” or whatever…Am I crazy…

So here is where I ask for your advice…I am 25, in contact with very few single men of dateable potential, have people saying they will set me up but no follow through–maybe I should take the hint, have friends who have single friends but no suggestion of compatibility…

I am not saying my life is bad by any means, I actually really like my life, nor am I saying that I think a boy is the answer to any problem I have…I am just saying I think I am ready for a new adventure…so advise me: e-harmony, speed dating, randomly asking the grocery clerk out, waiting?