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this is Lindsey Marie Burken and I’ll be right back… March 29, 2007

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Today i played with Derek’s kids and as usual I had a blast with these fabulous little people.

John, hanna, Ella, and I were playing with playdough…using cookie cutters, little plastic dishes and knives, putting our “cookies” on the baking sheets. I was given lessons on how to prepare my playdough for the best cookie cutting and amazed as I watched hanna and ella share the knives…but then totally entertained when John said in all seriousness”this is John William Broten and I’ll be right back” …yes he had been teaching me all kinds of mad-play dough cooking skills…but until he said this line I had no idea he was mimicking the Food Network. He then left the room to put the “muffins” in the oven…then returned saying “alright folks, these muffins are just about done and then we’ll move on to the cookies”



Let’s interview the parents… March 28, 2007

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Today a dear friend of mine made a recommendation for our confirmation interview process. Interview the parents on how they are going to continue to nurture faith development in their children after Confirmation.

It is pretty amazing sometimes that the number of students who come through the halls of WLC and get to a point where they choose to stand up and say “I believe in Jesus…that He is who He says He is, that He died on a cross to clear my name, and rose again…and I want to follow Him.” Some of them have parents who force them to go to church for Confirmation or Sunday school but never go themselves. Some of these students come to youth group with a friend and have parents who mock them at home. Many of them have been wounded by people in leadership at church or by friends who have claimed Christianity as their defense for judgmental behavior. Many still don’t have someone who approaches them by name when they come and spend the time here wondering if anyone sees them. It is pretty clear that God is working in them because in my estimation many of these students should never get to where they are because of us.

This same dear friend of mine shared about the fine line between believing we have to know all the right things to be a good witness and being prepared to have an answer but let God be the guide…because we always want to be God in the situation…to be the one who knows all…who is in charge.

Since the confirmation situation last week I have really been struggling with the confirmation process…parents, inadequacies, the vast holes in my understanding of how best love people. I am beginning to think the same thing is true about confirmation…there is a fine line between being the person consumed with “are we doing this the right way” (so much so that we’re paralyzed…angry…self injuring-ly cynical) and being a person who has thought it through and acknowledges that God works through broken stuff all the time thus demonstrating His God-ness and His much larger plan for all of us broken pieces in this process. It is just so easy to want to get better…do it “right”…fix it…and in doing so I immediately cross the line into “I can be God and make this process/program/ministry/relationship/you name it into something that is life changing…if I just figure out what isn’t right” I rarely move into “improvement mode” without attempting to replace myself as God in the situation.
So back to parents. I need to apologize tonight as a non-parent for judging. I know the job is vastly harder than I can imagine. I acknowledge that life rarely goes as planned. What I do long for though, is that all parents would understand that their children need them to be models…not judgmental, preachy, “do this cause it makes us look good” models…but “i say I’m sorry”, faith living, “still in the journey” models…so that your children can see what it looks like to grow up in faith. I so wish parents understood that much of what they are doing is shaping how their children make the decisions they are making and are going to make…even though the student may rarely take their advice…the parents’ patterns are passed down. So maybe we do need to have parent interviews…if for nothing else than to pray with them and remind them that this journey is far from over, that their role increases in these next few years, and that they are loved by the Creator of the Universe and Savior of the World…even in their brokenness…and He still wants to use them to shape their children.


yum March 27, 2007

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I enjoy cooking and today I hosted my Meal Group from the Upper Room so I decided to get down and dirty and COOK.

The menu:
Hazelnut crusted chicken
Garlic Orzo pasta with Butternut squash
Green beans (with almonds, onion, and BACON)
English Muffin bread (homemade by me…with yeast!)
and Peach Blueberry Crisp a la mode

It was great. I was a little behind in the preparations since I went for a little jog around the park this afternoon (I actually took 2 out door excursions today because how often do we get 80 degree weather in March in Minnesota) and I needed to shower. i also was doing some last minute stuffing of room clutter into my still unpacked bag from chicago. BUT…I was pretty close to being ready on time.

While cooking was fun it wasn’t nearly as great as having people to eat the food with me. I really do love having people over. A gent from my group (Paul) arrived a few minutes early and helped prepare the food…and it was pleasant to have someone else help. I enjoy the community.

Yesterday, i helped Mary make a dessert for her Agape group and as we each did our little jobs working away to create a yummy oreo cheesecake dessert I was blessed. It is definitely better to prepare and eat food with other people…especially people who enjoy good food!


Cleaning March 25, 2007

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RAHHHHHH I don’t like cleaning.

It has been a busy weekend but I am enjoying the lovely spring weather.


Mary….Happy Birthday March 17, 2007

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So it is Mary’s birthday this fine 18th of March…
I won’t give away how old she is so I’ll just tell you 10 wonderful things about her!

1. She used to have a motorcycle…cause she likes to think she’s a biker chick!
2. She’s a crafty momma…cards, ornaments, beading, knitting, hemp…she’s into it all!
3. If she weren’t a church worker she’d be a Pampered Chef consultant cause she loves to cook and throw parties.
4. She has the cutest grandson Sethers and she is not a “sit on the couch and be crabby grandma”…but a “play in the snow, crawl through the tunnel, let’s make cookies, oooh a slide, race me to the washer, dance in the living room” kind of grandma.
5. Mary loves people for who they are…and even loves the broken ones best.
6. She’s changing the world one born baby at a time.
7. She fixes her own stuff…sub-pumps, water heaters, cars…and she hangs things without a level!
8. she watches more television than me!
9. She genuinely pursues Jesus and lives a life that shows she has received grace
10. She’ll pick you up at the airport at 11 and let you talk till 2…because she is a good listener.

Mary, thanks for letting me live with you…thanks for teaching me about life…thanks for listening to me when I mess it up…you are a gift to me!


One fine day in the Emerald City…

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This past week I went to Chicago with the Children’s ministry team for a conference at Willow. The conference was okay…what made my trip was seeing Wicked! I have been wanting to see it ever since a family at my internship church told me about it and gave me the broadway cd. I was not dissapointed. We were a little far away…but I still got chills as Galinda and Alphaba started singing “there’s been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz”…I had to bite my tounge to keep from singing “Popular” right along with Galinda. And I was so excited to finally know the whole story…instead of just part of the story I was getting from the soundtrack.
Here’s the team…Sarah, myself, Cindy, and Nancy…


Haiti…my heart is with you March 15, 2007

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