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May 31, 2007

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There is a homeless guy who pan handles on the corner of Dowling and the exit ramp off of 94. I see him regularly as I drive to Dani’s house. It was about a year ago that I began bringing food or small bills to give to him when I was making a trek across the cities to Danielle’s house and last New Year’s Rachel and I deepened this relationship by bringing soup, coffee, snacks, and blankets to this man and his friends as they stood out in the cold. But it wasn’t until after I heard an Upper Room sermon about Stefan and his heart for the homeless that I realized that I didn’t even know the man’s name who I had been bringing food to and praying for. So about 2 months ago as I handed him a bottle of water and a little cash I asked him his name. He replied after a surprised pause, “Michael”. Then proceeded to ask me my name. A week or so later I was driving by and handed him an apple and apologized for not having any cash that day and he said ” no problem, Lindsey”….I was amazed that he remembered my name…a few weeks later I was driving out to Dani’s house with my mom on the way to the Baptism and I realized halfway there that in the confusion of getting all the stuff ready for the baptism I hadn’t remembered to pack anything for Michael or his friends who work that corner. As we arrived on the corner we handed him a small rice crispy square (the best food on earth) and a warm can of 7up and $5 with a warm “Sorry it isn’t much today Michael”…his reply “thanks Lindsey”.

I pray for Michael and his friends…that when I arrive on that corner with something to hand them that they won’t be there because they’ve found a place to stay and a job that gives them a sense of pride…I hand them food that I have laying around my great apartment, but rarely do I approach the corner ready to ask Michael what he’d like…this week I wanted to change that…I wanted to really show them love by not doing what was easy for me or what made me feel like I was helping…but instead give them the opportunity to share what they need and want.

yesterday i was driving by prepared to tell Michael to hop in the car and I’d let him pick the place he wanted to eat dinner…ask him what I could really do for him… But as I approached the corner…he wasn’t there. I drove around the block to the place his friends gather but there wasn’t anyone there. I hope that his absence was because the prayers for him and his friends were answered and i hope that my change of heart doesn’t fade…I want to be a person who’s first instinct is to listen and respond in love not just do what I think is love.


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If change were a train I definitely wouldn’t be buying a ticket right now.

My good friend Laura moved to California this week and I had to say goodbye to television characters I’ve come to regard almost as friends, I went to visit Carissa in Milwaukee unsure of when I’ll see her again in the next 4 years…AND I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go caffeine free. Too much change.


Milwaukee was great…Hosea and Josias are adorable little boys and I am always amazed by Carissa. We went to a weight training class where I over extended my right tricep…today (5 days later) is the first day I had full range of motion–note to self–don’t try to be all shera your first night of weight training.


and i say AGHHHHH May 17, 2007

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Biking back to church from the Y today I was hit by a bug…in the sunglasses.  They acted as my windshield and it was a good reminder to me to always keep my mouth shut while coasting down a hill…I very easily could have eaten that bug instead of just letting it get squished on my protective eye wear.  gross…


the earth says ahhh

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Today is the 2nd day this week that I have decided to bike everywhere instead of using my car. I am proud to say that I have developed bike booty that allows me to ride for 3-5 miles with out wanting to cry a little every time I pedal.

So I have a weekly goal to go car-less 2 days a week. It’s cheaper…and I’m getting hotter by the mile! 🙂


beautiful May 13, 2007

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Yesterday was a gorgeous day and the baptism was wonderful. Caleb slept through EVERYTHING…but we had fun hanging out.
Darin and I are proud Godparents and my mom is a proud God-grandmother…(it’s as close as she’s getting to grandchildren for a while!!!)
I was also given permission to be a “Crazy Godmother” by Pastor Bob! Rachel…crazy Godmothers UNITE!



he loves his godmother Lindsey May 9, 2007

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the boys and me

can’t you tell?


politics, pies, and manicures, and fairies… May 4, 2007

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iowa-507-001.jpgiowa-507-004.jpgCaleb Michael

I have so much ground to cover…my life is good these days…very full and very good.

Saturday I was able to walk around the Lake of the Isles with Danielle, Noah, Caleb, and Dani’s mom & friends. It was a gorgeous day outside and it just seemed perfect to spend an hour enjoying God’s creation with a dear friend. I then went to Dinkytown to meet up with Laura and Ang for dinner. We ate at a fabulous little eatery called Kafe 421 (I highly recommend it…I had Coconut risotto with scallops and mango salsa…wonderfully tasty!) then off to the Kitty Cat Klub (another location with great personality and flair). Our server from Kafe 421 met us there and we talked the night away covering religion, politics, service professions, the direction of society, and of course how we all met. It was a great day.

Sunday I left for Iowa…3 days of sabbath…
First, I am a total sucker for a road trip. I love being in the car in route for my destination….I’ve developed an affection for solo traveling…zooming along listening to tunes, talking on the phone, or just driving. I arrived in DeWitt just in time to head to Preston for the best pizza on the planet at Geno’s (my favorite: 1/2 taco & 1/2 Bacon cheeseburger hold the onions).

Monday was my day with Jesus on the lake. Crystal Lake is my happy place…It isn’t big it is really a pond by Texas standards…but there is something magnificent about this place. I love the sounds of trains, birds, water moving, and trees rustling…I enjoy the peacefulness of the lake and the slowness of life around it. I sat in the sunshine and enjoyed a good book…just resting.
Tuesday I went to visit my great aunt Helen…she’ll turn 87 on August 7 (the day after my 26th birthday…so she is 61 years older than me…sheesh) we ate chinese food, got a manicure (aunt helen’s first one in her entire life), put flowers on grandma and grandpa’s graves, ate ice cream, went for a walk, and just enjoyed each other’s company in the sunshine. It was a good day.

I drove home on wednesday for a rude reunion with the real world…coming home from vacation is definitely my least favorite part. But today…Thursday was a great day. I was asked by my dear friends to be Caleb’s Godmother. I’m going to be a Godmother…I can hardly contain my excitement!!!