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Bay City Rollers June 30, 2007

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Tomorrow is the beginning of traveling July. I am pretty excited…my chex mix is baked and bagged…my workin’ shoes are de-mudified and ready to go again…and my kitchen is quasi-clean. I think it is a good start to a week in Bay city! I am excited to stop in chicago and go to the dunes this week…and to see my second great lake–Lake Huron (even though technically it is Saginaw Bay that I’ll be seeing).

The students and dads who are going on this trip ROCK and I am eager to see what adventures we’ll have. Pray that there will be lots of opportunities to love people and serve with all we have.

good night all.


PINK!!! June 27, 2007

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So, on a bit of a whim I highlighted my hair PINK! It is semi-permanent…but we bleached the chunks so that the pink would stand out…and that is permanent!

It will make for a fun July!

Love ya!



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Lots of running these days…

yesterday i managed to run 1.75 miles straight on the treadmill…at a slow 4.8 miles per hour…but a good stretch for me! (then later I sat in the kiddie blow up pool on our deck and read a book–it’s the opposite of running but man was it good!)

i’ve been doing the last minute purchases for the mission trip to Bay city, MI (Saturday is whirling towards me…too fast too fast!)

the U of M grad school app is nearly finished…one more letter of recommendation to go–then off it goes!

I watched Noah for a couple of hours and we did lots of running…him away from me–me after him–good thing God gives grown ups longer legs, man that kid is fast!

last night Nick ran away from me after I happened upon him at Shamrocks…I’m not kidding– he ran out of the door. Never a good sign, right?

today our air conditioner wouldn’t stop running…so then Mary was running through my apartment every 5 minutes…

I’m sure most everyone is running these days…I wish you all an afternoon in the kiddie pool–for a little sabbath!


June 24, 2007

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Again…Much to tell you…not really any time to do it.

Rachel was in town this week. Always an adventure with that girl. We ate at Chino Latino on Friday night in Uptown…it was darn tasty. Then had lots of Godson time with Noah and Caleb…


On other fronts: Summer stretch went really great this week. Lots of students, lots of sites, lots of rain, lots of smelly wet jr high boys…but a really good day.

oh, I’m working on my application to start a Master’s in Education at the U of M. (Youth Development Leadership)
I’d love to start this fall…we’ll see how that goes.


we’ll just do highlights June 18, 2007

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It’s been a little zoo-ish in my world these days…

This past week my friend Rebekah and her husband Mike visited the cities from Georgia.  I took them to Rock Bottom Brewery (we were even given a brew tour!) and then Grand Old Creamery–a little Minneapolis and a little St. Paul.

They were doing a national tour of all fast food restaurants and family homes with less than 3 bathrooms…so a brewery and good freshly made waffle cones hit the spot!

new-camera-607-009.jpg new-camera-607-013.jpg

This week was the first week of Summer Stretch… I know that I sometimes am pretty fried by the details of it all…but I’d probably give up my left ear before I’d let Summer stretch stop happening.  This week’s SS was great.  I think we have the best Sr. Youth Teen Staff EVER!!! They all made it to the Teen Staff meeting and they all have hearts to serve the Lord by lovin’ on Junior High students.  They are even willing to do it in ridiculous green and orange t-shirts!


At SS this week we sent oodles of kids to 7 different service sites (feed my starving children, women’s shelters, food banks, homeless shelters, and adult day cares) to do many different projects…then we went to Grand slam for an afternoon of putt putting, batting practice, and car bumping.

I then spent Thursday evening taking another crew of students to Loaves and Fishes at St. Matt’s catholic church. (they serve dinner to folks who can’t provide their own on a nightly basis) I think it was my favorite Loaves and Fishes ever–one of the students invited the police officer who serves as Bouncer for the dinner to pray with us before we went in…and after the cop said “no thanks”, Logan went ahead and prayed for him aloud during the prayer “Lord, I pray for the gentleman keeping everyone safe tonight at L & F…give him a safe night and protect his family while he isn’t with them”.  It was pretty sweet.

Sunday AM I was officially installed. We sent all the youth mission teams during all services…and then I went to the Upper Room.  It was my first time going to the Hillside worship service…and it was pretty incredible! I was amazed at the number of folks there…blankets, kids running around, worship…it was good.



reading, margaritas and coke floats…do a body good June 10, 2007

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I’ve been a little “under the gun” this week…summer stretch and mission trips are rapidly approaching along with the looming fall planning and I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. So on wednesday I sought some help with Summer stretch. Peggy came to my rescue and did what few people can do for me–she just told me to sit down and trust her…she’d help me figure out how to get 72 students in cars with seatbelts on their way to service sites with at least one person they know in each group. It was hard and good all at the same time. I have difficulty sharing sometimes…especially when i am invested…but i wasn’t getting anywhere on my own because I was paralyzed by the puzzle. Peggy did it and we celebrated with margaritas and fajitas on Friday night. It has been a while since i sat down for dinner in a restaurant across from a friend. I miss that.

I started reading Rob Bell’s book “Sex God” tonight. I am always pushed to stretch my understanding of things when I read or listen to him. He helps me to look at things in different perspectives…sometimes he and I don’t see eye to eye but most of the time his take on stuff causes me to process life in a way I haven’t done before and I walk away a more mature and aware person. Don’t let the title of this one scare you–it is good.  It feels good to be reading something mind stretching. I’ve taken a break from reading for a while due to many factors but I am glad to be back…it almost feels as if when i am reading things I’m doing what I was made to do.
Before I was reading tonight though, I went on a date with a 6 year old boy…to Wendy’s for a float…we rode bikes beforehand so we could get all primed and ready for a frosty cool beverage then treated ourselves to the yummy goodness of frosty with Rootbeer (for him, diet coke for me). It was an enjoyable way to spend an evening.


anyone know an inventor? June 6, 2007

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I LOVE summer stretch…but the details of it are going to cause me to go mad…i’m sure of it.

Can someone please invent something that allows junior highers to transport themselves safely from church to service sites without a need for parents to drive them? I’m thinking a human teleportation device. If I didn’t need to obey laws regarding seatbelts this part of the planning would be much easier!

please pray for some more parents to step forward to be summer stretch mentors so we have enough seatbelts for these students to serve all over the twin cities and continue to grow in their understanding of how God has made them while loving on others!