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Great Lakes, Volcanoes, and food… August 6, 2007

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So 25 has passed…on into year 26 I go!

Mom and dad came into town this weekend to celebrate the big B-day. Mom and I went to the Children’s museum with Dani and the boys…oh man did we have fun!

mom-and-dads-visit-807-008.jpgmom-and-dads-visit-807-025.jpg mom-and-dads-visit-807-031.jpg

That night mom, dad, Mary and I went out for my birthday dinner at Carmelo’s…YUMMY GOODNESS. I’m pretty sure it was the best Italian food I have ever had.  Big fan!

Saturday we decided to drive up to Grand Marais (say it like Maraaay–those silly french).  It was a really long drive up through Duluth then another couple of hours on 61 around Lake Superior…but it was beautiful.


We stopped at Gooseberry falls and in Grand Marais for lunch (Angry Trout–also recommended by Mary), then we headed up to Grand Portage to explore the National Park.  We only had an hour but I sure learned a lot about the Northwest Fur Trading company.  I totally couldn’t have survived in the 1700s.

Yesterday was a down day…church…computer stuff…the upper room…Punch pizza (I had one heck of a weekend of good food!).  Then today we went to the Science museum to see the Pompeii exhibit. (I also couldn’t have lived in 79 A.D.)  After learning how a volcano can destroy a city & wipe out a thriving metropolis in less than 24 hours we headed to the U of M St. Paul campus to see where my first classes will be held.  I am pretty pumped about this whole deal!

Mom and dad left this afternoon around 3…I did a little work…went to Larry’s funeral and then did Dollar Burgers with the boys from 998…Happy birthday to me!


2 Responses to “Great Lakes, Volcanoes, and food…”

  1. Laura Says:

    ohhh!!!!! beautiful blog.. beautiful pictures.. beautiful people!!!! i hope you had a wonderful time at shamrocks.. ah! i love you!!! you’re such a gift to me, sister.

  2. rachel the great Says:

    I hope 26 knocks your socks off!

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