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highlights of year 25 August 6, 2007

Filed under: birthday tributes — Lindsey @ 11:27 pm

in no particular order:

1. I traveled to Haiti for my 2nd time and fell even more in love with this country.
2. Caleb Tietjen came into the world and I became a God mother.
3. I applied for and was accepted to Grad school at the U of M!
4. I began eating dollar burgers with a group of people who a year ago were complete strangers except for Laura and now even though Laura isn’t there we still go!
5. I swam 30 miles (not a hundred yet…but still 30 is a lot!)
6. I began attending the Upper Room regularly and have grown much in the process.
7. I moved in with Mary and my life has forever been changed!
8. I saw WICKED!
9. I travelled to Texas 2 times, Iowa 5 times, Illinois 4 times, Michigan once, Alabama once, Wisconsin 2 times, Florida once, and in my heart I visited California often…
10. I have pink hair.


2 Responses to “highlights of year 25”

  1. lisa Says:

    LINDSEY!!!! I found your blog! now we can be friends!!!

  2. Laura Says:

    ha!! great blog, sister. thought of you often yesterday at work and hope you guys had a blast at shamrocks. does that guy from small group ever go? is he still in touch with any of the boys? oh my, i love you and i’m thankful to have been a part of your 25 years.. and now you know we were pen pals, eh? 😉

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