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about halfway there… September 29, 2007

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Today we lost power for over 5 hours so the apartment isn’t as clean as it could be and I’ve only managed to wash half of my clothes…but I did manage to get a great start on my Christmas cards. Some of you may be thinking…why on earth is lindsey making her Christmas cards in September…but really it is because I am a genius. I have 70+ cards to create and when i do it in September I spend september money rather than December money (which is much harder to come by). I also had an entire afternoon where my car was inside the electricity powered garage door and my hair was unwashed and un done…so I had time on my hands.

You’ll love ’em…the cards…they’re fabulous!


no good September 28, 2007

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clothes-everywhere (most not clean),
card supplies-everywhere.

this is what i’ve let my life become… saturday is the day when i’m putting my life back in order…there will be a “place” for my books, the clothes will finally be washed, and I am going to do the dishes! This is my place of accountability…because all i want to do these days is watch my show then go to bed…it’s no good people…i am a grown adult and i need to live in an adult living space…currently it looks like a teenager lives in my apartment…a teenager who’s parents don’t withhold their allowance if they don’t clean their room. Hey, that is brilliant…i need to find someone to pay me an allowance for cleaning my apartment…any takers?


five fabulous women…one small small town! September 24, 2007

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It was a grand sister’s weekend.

I love these women…they are the kind of women that you don’t need filters around…the kind of women who are beautiful all the time…that you can have a deep conversation with all the while giggling at flatulence…they dance and sing everywhere they go…they turn people’s heads when they walk by because of the confidence they exude.

We ate amazing food, were a part of the chapel dedication, enjoyed the beautiful fall trees, loved on the gorgeous tietjen children, and simply enjoyed our sister-selves…


Fall… September 17, 2007

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This week the air turned crisp and fall swooped in…

I began my class at the u of m and it was a first class–nothing too terribly impressive or over the top…but it was exciting for me to simply start. My class is diverse in the sectors of the community we represent as well as are employed by. I think I’ll be stretched and given many opportunities to develop a broader understanding of “working with youth” as these next few years progress.

We returned to regularly scheduled programming at church this week. I was excited for things to start this year. I really missed Powerhouse over the summer and the energy that comes with that crazy bunch of 7th and 8th graders. I am eager to jump in and start studying John with them and to get to know this new class of students.

Saturday was fun fall day…apple picking, baking, and fun fallish activities…I was only able to participate in the apple picking due to church stuff…but it was still grand. It’s hard to believe this is Noah’s 3rd apple picking adventure…he fell in love with the petting zoo…so much so that it delayed his raspberry picking adventure until he was able to regain control over his little 2 year old tantrum self. But he made it…we all taught him how to eat his weight in raspberries and chased him up and down the rows until he would fall flat on his face because his two year old little feet couldn’t keep up with his “i want to be big” body. I love this day…i love hay rides, picking my own fruit, enjoying the fresh air, watching people share the experience, laughing at the people all dressed up and trying to not get their shoes muddy, i love apple donuts, and honey sticks…i just love it.




September 4, 2007

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It was a splendid Labor Day weekend for me…Maggie came up to visit and we went to the lovely Chino Latino (YUMMY) then we took off for some family time in Iowa.

Maggie and i are pretty different…so when we’re together we have the ability to have a great time as well as bring out the worst in each other. But overall the weekend was good. We were able to see how the cousins have grown like weeds, relax at crystal lake–which is a safe haven, and have a sunday worship out at grace camp. I love visiting DeWitt, even though I never lived there officially I do feel as though I am coming home when I visit.

On the way back Maggie and I had this lovely little fly in our car trying to become our best friend…after trying to get the fly out using conventional methods like rolling down the windows and fanning frantically with my hands, swatting randomly with anything i could find in the car to try and kill him, i decided to use the atlas to fan him out the window. I forgot that maggie was driving 80 miles an hour… so I no longer have an atlas because the wind we were creating caused it to rip out of my hands and fly directly into the windshield of the car behind us…that car is okay…and the fly was unharmed because he was still in the car after I sacrificed my atlas. Moral: don’t use a book that you’re not holding on to very well as a fly shoo-er in a car driving 80 miles an hour…


Ingrid Grace…

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Here is a short list of things I am thankful for about Ingrid(in no particular order)…(Happy birthday 3 days late friend!)

1. she is adventurous and courageous
2. she processes as much as I do…and lets me process to her as well!
3. she is willing to fore go sleep to talk to you!
4. she loves students and even likes those with complicated lives more!
5. she remembers to laugh at herself
6. she takes time to enjoy the people around her
7. she doesn’t give up when life gets hard
8. she regularly teaches me about loving people who are difficult to love
9. she can jump higher than anyone I know
10. she can drink wine with the best of them!

Happy belated birthday my friend…thank you for being you!


Maggie’s 24…

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Do you ever feel like you are incredibly behind…My sister turned 24 A MONTH AGO…and I haven’t yet posted a list of all that is fabulous about her.

1. She’s incredibly creative
2. She’s always got great hair
3. She LOVES football…especially UT football
4. She is independent!
5. She’s aware of other people’s feelings…
6. She is kind
7. She’s willing to laugh at herself and at you if you do something stupid (like toss strawberry limeade ice out the car window…or your atlas by accident…)
8. She is adventuresome…
9. She is able to tell real fruit smoothies versus powdered stuff…she likes things to be the REAL thing…even if they have more calories!
10. She loves food and is good at preparing it!
11. She’s a good listener
12. She has an incredible memory
13. she has great shoes!
14. She shares her homemade treasures with others…necklaces, cards, earing holders!
15. She is willing to put others before herself
16. She gets a little road rage-ish one minute and herself the next…
17. She is a good friend to her friends…
18. She is an AMAZING baker!
19. She’s quick to explain and teach…
20. She is forgiving and merciful
21. She processes things internally…I know very few people who do this and it amazes me!
22. She loves animals–especially Millie (the new family dog…)
23. She doesn’t collect knick knacks
24. She loves Jesus