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good old Tomah… October 29, 2007

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I spent 2 days in Tomah, WI this weekend with my dear friend Carissa and her oldest son Hosea…
who knew that Tomah was such a hot spot for Wisconsin Tourism…Butts park, stand alone Subways, Railroad and Doll museums, the Cranberry Discovery Center…it was a whirlwind of culture and good friend time.



October 15, 2007

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I had an incredible experience this weekend.  For 4 days I was the full time love provider for my almost 6 month old Godson Caleb.  It was so great I even forgot to take pictures.  (or maybe that was because I was so tired…)  Anyhow it was a great weekend…we went for walks (what else are you supposed to do when you’re up, fed, showered, and the dishes are done at 7:30am), did some shopping, played on our tummies, went to church, danced, played wiffleball (well Kevin and I played…Caleb watched), ate and ate and ate.   It was a good weekend.

I do have a new appreciation for the ease of running in to Target without a baby carrier and being able to make one trip into the house with all my stuff from the day and the beauty of waking up at 9:30 instead of 6:30am.  But I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I love his kissable cheeks, his giggles, and how he watches the world around him with big eyes.  I love getting to be his God mother and pray for him and over him all the time…he is the cutest little boy ever!


humility… October 11, 2007

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i wouldn’t say that this word defines me well…but i realized today that i long for it to define me.

like i long to be a person who lives for others, who others can say put the last first, who gave of herself for the bettering of those around her

i always fight against being “defined”…being “stuck in a box”…being a DCE…or the token young person…or a “professional”…or the “smart one”…or the “leader”…

because once you’re defined you have all kinds of pressure or there is the chance that someone can stop paying attention.

but i want to be defined as a person who lives a life of humility…

i know it can be done…i see it all around me…people who choose to keep their mouth shut when someone speaks negatively about their new life adventure…friends who aren’t afraid to be transparent even when it means admitting they can’t keep holding it all in…people who admit when they aren’t right…musicians who record music that points only to Jesus and His glory not ours…books that remind me to choose love and respect over self defense…those who clearly look for the good in others and not their deficits.

matthew 11.28

i come…

to be more like HIM…


oh what a day… October 2, 2007

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today was a great day. for a reason that’s a bit embarrassing to me… so i choose not to write it out here…but let’s just say i had moments of perma-grin and more personal disclosure with co-workers than usual…which led to more thinking about said event. definitely the highlight of my day…maybe even week…and definitely ingrid’s month!

i also want to spend a few minutes giving props to a couple of incredible artists i am currently breathing…
DCB (david crowder band) has a new cd out: remedy…love it! especially tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10…most definitely 1 and 5.

second: Stefan Van Voorst…who you can find on myspace…his CD will be released on Saturday and I’ll most definitely be purchasing it…Be the Church is an incredible song…it’s a battle cry…one my soul has been longing for.

oh what a day… also…i’d like to mention that i met adam griffin today! so all y’all schlubs that rub my nose in the fact i haven’t met him yet (you know who you are)…ha i did! now if only a quick hand shake and “hi, sorry, have to go to staff meeting” counted for a real conversation i’d be set!


done done done! October 1, 2007

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laundry is DONE!

holy hannah it was ridiculous after final count there were 10 loads…10 large loads…no i do not do laundry for mary too…or any children…or other people…just me–10 loads!

i also am attempting to have a disciplined october…my life has deteriorated over the months of summer to a total state of slothness…so I am reclaiming my life from television and lack of sleep and poor eating habits.

you’d be proud…i made meals for the next few days and they’re all ready to go (and they include vegetables!), now that the laundry is done I am going to try to keep clothes OFF my floor, and i’m limiting myself to ONE television show per day (unless there is a fun friend gathering around the office and grey’s…then I’ll cave to watch 2 shows!).

is it strange that i’m hearing ghost beeps from the dryer…since it has been running for the past 3 days nearly constantly…