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October 15, 2007

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I had an incredible experience this weekend.  For 4 days I was the full time love provider for my almost 6 month old Godson Caleb.  It was so great I even forgot to take pictures.  (or maybe that was because I was so tired…)  Anyhow it was a great weekend…we went for walks (what else are you supposed to do when you’re up, fed, showered, and the dishes are done at 7:30am), did some shopping, played on our tummies, went to church, danced, played wiffleball (well Kevin and I played…Caleb watched), ate and ate and ate.   It was a good weekend.

I do have a new appreciation for the ease of running in to Target without a baby carrier and being able to make one trip into the house with all my stuff from the day and the beauty of waking up at 9:30 instead of 6:30am.  But I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I love his kissable cheeks, his giggles, and how he watches the world around him with big eyes.  I love getting to be his God mother and pray for him and over him all the time…he is the cutest little boy ever!


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  1. Rachel Says:

    this is such a great picture!

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