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so many things… November 19, 2007

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here’s some fun from the past few weeks…

last weekend I watched Noah and Caleb for a couple of days and it was fun…Noah is a master monkey and really good with the farm animals…Caleb is HUGE and all about the pooping noises…but soon that will be words and he’ll have teeth so I am choosing to appreciate the muppet grin and grunts.

img_1745.jpg img_1727.jpg

Then this past weekend Joel, Derek, and I went to Atlanta for the national youth worker’s conference where we hung out with our closest friends…eddie and tommy from the skit guys and david from the dcb…hee hee hee. we also had some chill time with B wack and Mark (marky mark for his closest friends…) it was awesome.

img_1759.jpg img_1758.jpg

I also got to meet up with a good friend from growing up…Rebekah…we forgot to take a picture of US but we took a picture of part of our adventure–going to see the house I lived in from 2-5 years old in Marietta, GA…here it is. I really wanted to sneak into the back yard and see if the big rolling hill was still there…but that could have been considered trespassing and I am already a stalker…I don’t need that in my cache of hidden crimes.



does this make me a stalker? November 9, 2007

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so i discovered one of the most amazing things yesterday…david crowder has a blog.  it’s amazing…i do really believe that if i lived in waco, tx that he and his wife toni would be my friends…really.

so the thing that makes this blog so amazing is that they have 24 hour a day (almost…a few short cut outs due to signal failure) live video footage of the dcb (david crowder band)…really…so the camera sits up front with the driver when the bus is driving…fun…then you get to watch the roadies unload the trailer of stuff…then watch them set up the gear in the various theaters…and do sound checks (today they actually set up the audio so that we could hear the sound checck)…then if you’re watching at the right time you can watch the concert! yeah…the concert…

you may not care…but this brought great amounts of joy to my life…especially when all of a sudden i heard sound checking noises…i love the dcb. one week till i see them in atlanta…i’m one happy gal.


my night with a ghostbuster and batman… November 1, 2007

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it all started with practicing “trick treat” “tankt tou” …then we were off for lots of door knocking, leaf kicking, stoop falling, and candy grabbing….everything a halloween evening should be!

halloween-08-001.jpg halloween-08-004.jpg


halloween-08-008.jpg halloween-08-007.jpg