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hopped up on cheese December 16, 2007

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she wishes on the christmas star that she wants to go back and do it all differently so her guardian angel takes her back 8 years to the week before her christmas wedding. She goes back falls in love with her high school beau/fiance and chooses him over the high powered job in NYC. introduces her family to the internet before it has really gone all dot com and presto life is perfect…

she’s a famous singer finding little fulfillment in her hyper-exposed life so she sneaks out of her fancy mansion and drives to the smokies to a little cabin that is inhabited by orphans who’ve run away from the local children’s home, she sings some songs, helps the children have a great christmas, foils the local witch and falls in love with the mountain man all in a matter of days before christmas…

a human baby crawls into santa’s bag, spends thirty years growing up at the north pole believing he’s an elf then discovers he’s really a human and his dad is a bad children’s book publisher, so he travels across the gumdrop forest through the whirly twirly gumdrop sea and lands in central park where he’s dressed as an elf and not thought of as strange except by his father. He is mistaken for an employee at the local Macy’s look alike and falls in love with an employee dressed as an elf for christmas who is strangely not put off by a candy eating, maple syrup loving, christmas tree worshipping, lover of santa and smiling…oh and they resolve the crisis of christmas cheer and the bad children’s books by saving santa and writing all this down in a book…

i LOVE cheesy christmas movies…the more cheese and lack of reality the better…not sure why…but i love ’em…maybe it’s the wonder…the mystery…the hope. as much as i love cheesy movies it’s sad that these movies are the bringers of hope, wonder, and mystery to so many people…when there is fulfilling, awe inspiring, life changing tales to be told each christmas as we share truth. it may not be time travel or whirly twirly gumdrops or even finding our mountain man…but it’s awe inspiring because what is old has newness, what was mediocre is unbelievable, what seems unchangeable is changed in the presence of Jesus.

with this said, i’m a little hopped up on the cheese of my tivoed christmas specials…”smiling’s my favorite”-elf


recap? December 14, 2007

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last weekend i took an impromptu trip to california to see lovely ingrid. i booked my ticket thursday night and jumped on a plane friday evening. we had 48 hours of relaxing, california family chilling, 2nd street shopping, le creparie eating, beach walking, mosaic worshipping, in and out burger dining, miles of walking for said in and out burgers, M&M playing, christmas tree decorating, rooftop sunset viewing, and life discussing. it was so great.

on monday i wrapped up my first class at the U. it was a little hairy getting my paper finished, mostly because i am a last minute lucy and don’t plan things out very well…but finished it became and it was pretty good i think!

this week has been filled with christmas gift making, card writing, cookie baking, and gift wrapping…all some of my favorite things.

i hope your christmas festivities are going well and that you’re enjoying the season.