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camp January 28, 2008

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i love camp,
especially camp where i don’t have to plan anything…i simply get to play and hang out with people and talk life.

i love walking outside in the crisp 10 degree air and campy sunshine.
i love watching kids play broomball and seeing them cheer each other on.
i love watching God move in a youth’s heart.
i love playing speed and can can with kids and getting a little out of control–oh I can bring it!
i love that kid that always volunteers for the disgusting group challenge where you have to eat something and not puke…
i love running around at night solving clues…
i love reminding kids to stop purpling
i love falling asleep after a long day of laughter, tears, camp food, and girl talk…
i love singing the girls to sleep.
i love watching the gal transition from the wallflower to part of the group.
i love being outside, away from normal stuff that distracts me, simply able to be…

this weekend was great
no girls puked this year, we won the broomball championship, and the girls were placed in the big chalet where there are indoor bathrooms! (no walking through the snow to shower!)


2 Responses to “camp”

  1. Rachel the Great... Says:


    I was waiting for a new puke story…but will settle for the image of you putting the smack down on jr. highers thinking they can beat you at speed.

    love you sister!

  2. Tina Says:

    I must be getting old. What is purpling?
    Glad you had fun.

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