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friends March 19, 2008

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i love ’em.

last night i partied it up with mary my lovely friend and landlord for her birthday. she has some incredible people in her life and i was blessed to get to share an evening with them. we spent time oohing and ahhing over the pictures of george clooney that everyone brought to honor mary with and then ate fabulous food. as we sat around talking till nearly midnight i was reminded how real this need for community is. i need my friends.

tonight i went to see the drowsy chaperone with danielle and it was pretty entertaining. very silly but i did laugh quite a bit. but the best part was the conversation had over a large cookie and ice cream at bonfire.there’s something holy that happens when two “sisters” share dessert and share their hearts.

for me these connections help me understand my life, they help me see the beauty around me, they push me to be who i really am and recognize what i am not, they remind me that i am living and allowed to “be” not just “do”.  i exist in a very social world but so often feel alone in the midst of it. i am lied to by the devil and often fall for it believing that i am invisible. it is in these conversations that my spirit is watered and my heart softened.

thank you friends…


water March 12, 2008

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i think i was dehydrated on monday…and the whole time change bit. i will say now that the day has passed. it was quite possibly the most crabby day i have had since college when i worked overnights at switchboard.

i am grateful to my crabby day because over the past 72 hours i’ve talked to lots of friends about heart stuff and life stuff…it’s been a while since i had some good soul conversations…maybe i needed a bad day to remind me of the things in my life that are really good.


an hour behind March 10, 2008

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i felt like someone stole an hour from me today. i am convinced that if i had it back my life would be far less stressful.
this week is ridiculous…frustratingly full due to my poor planning and  lack of motivation in january and february…now is the time for crunching and i am exhausted.
i did however have an incredible class tonight.  we invited a crew youth to join our discussion and the evening was really enlightening and stress relieving for me. i was able to give myself permission to leave behind all the junk that needs to get finished at work and simply BE in class.  this “be-ing” thing is something i miss right now. i fill my life with a ton of do-ing, watch-ing, drive-ing…i’ve lost my space for be-ing.
i think this may be why i am so off kilter right now. i feel like in order to make time to “be” that i need to really make a big space in order to make up for all the weeks of neglecting it…but i think what needs to happen is to start with 5 minutes here and there…so that i can remember what it feels like…and that i don’t need to stress out about it…but instead de-stress.
it is days like today that i wish i was cool and level headed and didn’t turn into a crazy stress ball…but instead had the ability to look chill and together. but no, i just looked exhausted and couldn’t put an intelligent sentence together to save my tennis shoes. bah