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Haiti April 10, 2008

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so, many of you know that i was supposed to be heading to Haiti on Saturday…a country that I love with people who bless me richly. I was going to get to meet my compassion kid and reconnect with friends and serve alongside my dad.

this past week there has been quite a bit of turmoil throughout the country of Haiti…people have been rioting, tires burning, the UN trying to settle things with teargas and rubber bullets. The country of Haiti is one that has been plagued with poor government and leadership since it was colonized…it’s land is stripped, it’s people have been oppressed, and corruption has run rampant through the years. Today, Haitians struggle to make ends meet and now with the increase in food costs (like everywhere else in the world) they struggle to feed themselves and their children. The riots started earlier this week in Les Cayes and moved in towards Port au Prince on Tuesday. While many are hungry it didn’t seem to be the hungry folk who were the most violent or aggressive, but rather those who are dissatisfied with the current government.

our decision to not go to Haiti was a difficult one. we love these people…we are scared because they are scared, we cry because their lives are hard, we long to see peace…provision…reform in the midst of these amazing people.

my soul has ached for the past few days as we’ve watched the news come from Haiti…some for myself as i grew to realize that we weren’t going to meet God in Haiti next week, some for my dad as I realized he wouldn’t get to experience the beauty of Haiti and her people, but mostly because once again i’m here…safe while they are there in a place where it is easy to feel abandoned, easy to be hungry, and easy to feel powerless. but what is true today like it was last week before everything started…is that God is good, He has defeated death…defeated the devil…and defeated despair. I know that my friends in Haiti know my King and I am confident in this that He will give them peace, and I pray He will fill their moments of fear.

I have seen 2 incredible things happen as a result of these riots…one, I have been able to share my heart for haiti to over 300 people over the past 4 days…that is more than i have shared haiti with over the past year. two, i’ve witnessed a miracle as the riots calmed down today. Tuesday and Wednesday the riots in Haiti were intense and escalating, then a poor address by president Preval left many Haitians dissatisfied…but when I woke up this morning and rushed to check the news I was baffled to see that the streets were empty, tap taps were running, kids were outside and people returned to the marketplaces. friends, this is a miracle and a testament to God’s provision for the country He loves.

here are a couple of other folks to check out as they blog about their love for Haiti and the current situations there.




supposedly I’m outnumbered April 3, 2008

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So, I am working on a project for my Youth and Spirituality class at the U of M, hoping to gain a little insight to the online communities and social networking of young people if those communities have an effect on or are affected by faith. In doing this research and surfing I’ve been pointed to a few very interesting sites.  Today my friend Andy hooked me up with one of his professor’s blog that contained this.  Apparently I am hanging out in the wrong crowds.  Where are these men? underground?

Oh and by a raise of hands…who has heard of having a “second life“?  I’ve learned in the past couple of days that there are churches in these virtual worlds.