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birthdays… August 18, 2008

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peeps…i think 27 is going to be a great year!
the birthday week was definitely outstanding. I managed to have 5 birthday dinners, see a play, eat ice cream at yummy ice cream places twice, get dolled up and hit the town twice, enjoy a mojito with my girls at chino, a surprise cake and celebration, and all through the week I had incredible phone calls from friends all over the world which was the icing on the cake! (I LOVE icing…)

Here are 10 adventures I want to have this year…lovely year 27…
1. canoe…must get back in a canoe!
2. sing more often (maybe in a wedding…or in Genesis…)
3. go to Albuquerque, NM & Chicago often
4. read all of my book club books
5. Speed Scrabble…this must re-enter my life…as well as euchre, hand & foot, and spit!
6. Regular Symmank dinners…
7. See a show at the Varsity theater
8. God mother/God son camping trip!
9. Get out to a fun restaurant, play, or city-thing at least 1 a month!
10. 3 more stamps in my National Park Passport book (does this make me a nerd?) OH and at least 2 stamps in my real passport