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Haiti… November 24, 2009

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It’s a little like going home now…

Tomorrow begins trip #5 to Haiti and I am excited to spend time at St. Joe’s Orphanage, at the children’s hospital, the home for the dying and just hang with Gertrude and Leonard.  I am excited to share Haiti with new friends and old friends I haven’t seen in ages.  I am excited to spend this holiday in a country that is filled with people who I am so thankful for.

My Godson and his family have been creating thankful leaves throughout november and they’ve been filled with adorable childlike things like light sabers, mom, hulk costumes, and other sweet day to day gifts.  My thankful list usually includes sweatpants, diet mountain dew, movie room at the gym, my cell phone and awesome cell phone plan that lets me stay connected to most everyone (except those living in Pakistan…must work on international phone call abilities!!) , for my comfortable bed, the opportunity to live in a house where i can cozy up with a book or movie and trust the electricity will work.  And then there is the invisible stuff: I am thankful for friends who tear up when they try to tell you why you mean so much to them, a job that challenges and blesses me richly, for the blessing of getting to pray for my friends, for a family who listens, encourages, and visits, for experiences that remind me that stuff and things aren’t the most important but loving and serving people is what really matters. Thank you Noah and Caleb for a reminder to be thankful for the little and big things in life.  Thank you God for blessing me with Haiti…with the feeling of being useful, for the reality check and reconnect with you that happens when I am there, for the friendships that form through loving people, and the kick in the pants to trust God and live a bigger, more courageous life.


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