Life in this moment…

{entertaining, odd, and hopefully not too far away from reality}

me… April 22, 2007

I love Jesus & try to serve/reflect/honor Jesus in everything,
I tend to be lazy when there are chores to be done,
I have some of the most amazing friends ever,
I’m crafty,
I laugh often…ridiculously when I’m nervous and I often say stupid stuff,
I love to read,
I notice shoes and wonder if they match the personality of the wear-er,
I like music and love going to shows,
I’d rather stay up late than wake up early but if i have to wake up early I prefer getting up before the sun,
I’ve lived in 6 states,
My tivo knows me well,
I love to cook with friends,
I like to swim and am learning to run,
I used to be a girl scout & I like camping,
I’m crazy about junior highers & walking through life with them,
I love to travel,
I don’t like ham, spiders, or scary movies,
I am happiest when learning new things or helping someone else,
I floss my teeth in the car,
I choose flip flops over all other footwear
I can play Speed Scrabble all night long and still not be tired,
I have a lot of words,
and I’m a big nerd (but stink at trivia…).


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