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Ingrid Grace… September 4, 2007

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Here is a short list of things I am thankful for about Ingrid(in no particular order)…(Happy birthday 3 days late friend!)

1. she is adventurous and courageous
2. she processes as much as I do…and lets me process to her as well!
3. she is willing to fore go sleep to talk to you!
4. she loves students and even likes those with complicated lives more!
5. she remembers to laugh at herself
6. she takes time to enjoy the people around her
7. she doesn’t give up when life gets hard
8. she regularly teaches me about loving people who are difficult to love
9. she can jump higher than anyone I know
10. she can drink wine with the best of them!

Happy belated birthday my friend…thank you for being you!


Maggie’s 24…

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Do you ever feel like you are incredibly behind…My sister turned 24 A MONTH AGO…and I haven’t yet posted a list of all that is fabulous about her.

1. She’s incredibly creative
2. She’s always got great hair
3. She LOVES football…especially UT football
4. She is independent!
5. She’s aware of other people’s feelings…
6. She is kind
7. She’s willing to laugh at herself and at you if you do something stupid (like toss strawberry limeade ice out the car window…or your atlas by accident…)
8. She is adventuresome…
9. She is able to tell real fruit smoothies versus powdered stuff…she likes things to be the REAL thing…even if they have more calories!
10. She loves food and is good at preparing it!
11. She’s a good listener
12. She has an incredible memory
13. she has great shoes!
14. She shares her homemade treasures with others…necklaces, cards, earing holders!
15. She is willing to put others before herself
16. She gets a little road rage-ish one minute and herself the next…
17. She is a good friend to her friends…
18. She is an AMAZING baker!
19. She’s quick to explain and teach…
20. She is forgiving and merciful
21. She processes things internally…I know very few people who do this and it amazes me!
22. She loves animals–especially Millie (the new family dog…)
23. She doesn’t collect knick knacks
24. She loves Jesus


highlights of year 25 August 6, 2007

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in no particular order:

1. I traveled to Haiti for my 2nd time and fell even more in love with this country.
2. Caleb Tietjen came into the world and I became a God mother.
3. I applied for and was accepted to Grad school at the U of M!
4. I began eating dollar burgers with a group of people who a year ago were complete strangers except for Laura and now even though Laura isn’t there we still go!
5. I swam 30 miles (not a hundred yet…but still 30 is a lot!)
6. I began attending the Upper Room regularly and have grown much in the process.
7. I moved in with Mary and my life has forever been changed!
8. I saw WICKED!
9. I travelled to Texas 2 times, Iowa 5 times, Illinois 4 times, Michigan once, Alabama once, Wisconsin 2 times, Florida once, and in my heart I visited California often…
10. I have pink hair.


dani lou July 12, 2007

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My dear friend Danielle creeps into the upper 20s this year… here is a list of things that I find beautiful about her!
1. her love for her husband…even when he is ridiculous
2. her ability to see life and beauty around her…how she loves to go for walks and notices the little things
3. how she isn’t afraid to be real with people
4. how she sings
5. how she loves her sons and kisses their cute cheeks
6. her style…
7. her love of the theater
8. her passion for Haiti
9. her speaking…
10. her walk with the Lord and openness about the highs and lows in that relationship!

Dani, you blow me away friend. Thank you for letting me in on your journey!


Mary….Happy Birthday March 17, 2007

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So it is Mary’s birthday this fine 18th of March…
I won’t give away how old she is so I’ll just tell you 10 wonderful things about her!

1. She used to have a motorcycle…cause she likes to think she’s a biker chick!
2. She’s a crafty momma…cards, ornaments, beading, knitting, hemp…she’s into it all!
3. If she weren’t a church worker she’d be a Pampered Chef consultant cause she loves to cook and throw parties.
4. She has the cutest grandson Sethers and she is not a “sit on the couch and be crabby grandma”…but a “play in the snow, crawl through the tunnel, let’s make cookies, oooh a slide, race me to the washer, dance in the living room” kind of grandma.
5. Mary loves people for who they are…and even loves the broken ones best.
6. She’s changing the world one born baby at a time.
7. She fixes her own stuff…sub-pumps, water heaters, cars…and she hangs things without a level!
8. she watches more television than me!
9. She genuinely pursues Jesus and lives a life that shows she has received grace
10. She’ll pick you up at the airport at 11 and let you talk till 2…because she is a good listener.

Mary, thanks for letting me live with you…thanks for teaching me about life…thanks for listening to me when I mess it up…you are a gift to me!


Carissa is 26…or she will be on the 4th March 4, 2007

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Carissa, I met you some time in the 8th grade…maybe band or through mutual friends, man I wish I had a better memory, but i do recall many fabulous memories of 9th grade and beyond. Here are 10 of my favorites.
Sitting in the band hall at Harwood Jr. High signing yearbooks
My surprise birthday party at your house the summer after 9th grade
Strawberry fields forever…the Beatles choir concert
Handbells at Peace
Taking the Stephens to Band Banquet
the day when we had to get the Tetanus/Diphtheria shot at school and I willed away all my stuff cause I thought i was going to die (i wasn’t overly dramatic at all) and how you just shook your head at my silliness
Going to Austin to visit Emily and Amanda (i think that was her name…your roommate from TCU)
helping put together flower bouquets with you and the girls at your house before the wedding
seeing you pregnant with Hosea traipsing around the Mall of America
Alabama…and the many days of re-connecting and watching in amazement how great of a mom you are.
Oh, and 10.5…nose piercing at skin candy–I really can’t believe that I got to come along!

thanks for beautiful memories friend!


Joel’s Birthday February 9, 2007

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So today is my co-worker Joel’s birthday…not sure exactly how old he is…but I know he never checks this so I think it’d be funny if tons of random people sent him birthday wishes today! Here’s his e-mail: have fun with it….he loves Meat Loaf (the singer not sure about the food), all things BBQ, hilarity that can be found on Youtube, the more liturgical and hymn-like the better, Star Wars, the Princess Bride, and he’s seriously hooked on 24.