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Caleb Michael April 25, 2007

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in case you were wondering!


6:41 am April 23, 2007

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So today in Lakeland, Florida a baby was brought into the world…his mother was all alone in the delivery room except for her cell phone that served as her connection to her husband who was far away in Minneapolis, MN and a swarm of nurses and doctors.  This little boy came a little early (4 weeks) and while his mom was on vacation with his older brother visiting his great grandparents.

The little munchkin doesn’t have a name yet…cause his dad is still not there…but hopefully he’ll have one soon!

Man, these Tietjens are an exciting bunch!


squirrels April 21, 2007

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Such a beautiful day…no time to post.

here’s a walk down memory lane…enjoy


it only hurts when you touch it April 18, 2007

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It was gorgeous yesterday…and today. So beautiful that I decided to bust out the freebie bike from this fall. I borrowed a tire pump and did some heavy re-inflating…then took the purple monster for a test spin around the cul de sac…being pleased with my bike healing skills I decided that I was most definitely riding the monster to work today.

So I haven’t really rode a bike since Hawaii when we raced down Haleakena Volcano on Maui (2 years ago) and that really doesn’t count cause you’re flying down the side of a volcano through hairpin turns at 60 miles an hour with a bike that doesn’t have gears…in my estimation if you aren’t peddling it isn’t bike riding… And my bike riding before that was minimal to say the least.

But i have aspired to being a tree hugging, non gas buying, tour de france, biker hippie so I was really excited for my free bike and now for good weather to hit the pavement. So off I went…blissfully unaware that there are hills in Woodbury. I found myself at one point peddling so slow that a little kid walking to school passed me. Now these inclines are easily missed when driving in a car with the backing of many horses worth of power…but when counting on my under coached legs to provide the juice…the outcome is not nearly as exciting as I was hoping for. I did however make it work in a reasonable amount of time…

Later in the day I was talking to my tax guy about my taxes (yes I know they were due today) and he says “sure you can pick them up and drop them in the mail by 5″…it was 4:30 and remember I rode my bike…so I psyched myself up, put on my backpack, donned the helmet and off I rode to Rhett’s house…he lives a mile or so away from church, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal…but when you are me and not really a biker and you live in the town of woodbury that is vastly more hilly than meets the eye…it took me a while and when I arrived at Rhett’s office I was pretty sure there was no way I’d make it to the post office and still have the ability to walk. So I decided to peddle my heart out and head home and trade the bike for my motor powered car. While doing so I was given the opportunity to discover that I have the ability to peddle, hand signal a turn, and talk on my cell phone. I am quite the multitasker…and apparently very balanced.

But what I must say to the bikers of America is…does your butt always feel this way afterwards?


Haitians in Minnesota? April 15, 2007

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Our friend Nadine came up to Minnesota to visit with her fiance George. I LOVE them. I spent all weekend with them and the Tietjens…I am sad they have to leave. In just 2 short days we went to the zoo, had a picnic, shopped the Mall of America, found bridesmaid dress patterns and fabric, picked a color for the wedding, found invitations, tried on wedding dresses, went to a Timberwolves game, ate and ate and ate, and deepened a now sure to be life long friendship.


full… April 10, 2007

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I enjoy a good full day. What made today even more fabulous than most is that it was full with non-work things. There are very few full days that are full of non-work things and I LOVE them.

After a night of 10 lovely hours of sleep I went swimming. The first time I’ve swam in almost 2 months (pathetic, I know…) I swam away to Carsie Blanton singing in my waterproofed ipod and enjoyed the feeling of gliding through the water nearly effortlessly. I love that feeling…of being weightless…of moving my whole body by flipping my feet…it’s like I have super powers.

I spent the afternoon with the Char-meister. We played on the Big Wheels, ate some ice cream, practiced some soccer techniques (the whole goalie thing alluding me), and had juice box drinking races (I won because my mouth is bigger, or at least that is what Charlie says). It was beautiful out so we took a walk soaking in the rays.

After playing with Charlie I went to Sonya’s house to sort the purchases from the party last week…checking out everyone’s stamps and paper. i am easily excited by stamps and paper…I may need to go to rehab.

Wrapping up the day i went to Shamrocks with Laura and the 998 boys. It was a strange night because the bar was PACKED due to the Twins game and special that was being filmed there about Joe Mauer. His whole family was there with a news crew…kinda exciting…but annoying at the same time. But the company was stellar…I really felt like I was one of the gang–not just an outside friend of Laura’s.

My stomach is full…my day was full…and my heart is full.


mmmmm…..sleep April 9, 2007

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It was a beautiful day today…sunny and warm (not really warm outside, but warm in your car after it has been in the sun for 6-7 hours.)

Last year was my first Easter solo from the family…Easter breakfast wiped me out (I am not so good at the early morning rising–this is why I had to kill my dream of being a baker, and astronaut, and a nature photographer). I spent the morning acting like I knew what I was doing then had lunch with the Brotens and Symmanks, at the Nadasdys …then napped the rest of the day away. I remember thinking that some day I want to have traditions…that incorporate past years with the me I am becoming…(my last year self needed to send a note to the this year self to get my act together)

It has been a beautiful Easter weekend though…the service on Friday night was great. Saturday morning was filled with rehearsals and egg dying. Saturday night I went to Laura’s confirmtion at the Easter vigil at Nativity Catholic church where I was blown away by the beautiful homily and incredible music.
Then Easter day…4am wake up bell, rock star breakfast prep, Sunrise service led by the youth, easter breakfast, egg fights, pancakes, clean up around noon…lunch at the Runge’s (first time I’ve had lamb for easter…tasty), a little nappy nap since I had already been up for 12 hours, then Mary and I finished off Easter at the Upper Room (which was pretty fantastic!).

Notes to self for next year…
call Thrivent to match funds for the Easter Breakfast…
get less eggs…
go to Easter Vigil again (cause it is beautiful!)
Plan a Orphan Easter lunch with hidden easter baskets
Wear flats on Sunday!!!
definitely go to the upper room